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How T&D Machine Built a Winning Edge with Remote Talent

Limited talent pool hindering your growth? Learn how T&D Machine achieved a breakthrough advantage by leveraging remote talent.
T&D Machine is a manufacturing company with over 60 years of experience in CNC machining. They provide various tools for clients across industries like food processing, material handling, and the cement truck industry.

As a family business, T&D Machine is committed to providing only the highest quality of products to their customers, as well as top-notch customer service and prompt deliveries.

This commitment, however, was put to the test when the company needed to manage rising overhead costs.

The Challenge:

Juggling tasks while managing overhead costs 

Cooper Johnson, the company’s owner, ensures precise and efficient operations — a crucial factor in running a manufacturing business. But when the company needed to reduce its headcount, Cooper found himself taking on additional responsibilities like invoicing and payroll.

"I became over-burdened with administrative tasks," shares Cooper.

On top of this, T&D Machine also encountered the following challenges:

  • No time for operational improvements - With additional admin tasks on his plate, Cooper struggled to make time for operational improvements. He needed to hand off payroll and invoicing tasks to an experienced accountant so that he could dedicate time for growth.
  • Managing overhead - They needed a cost-efficient, remote-first solution that would not strain their overhead budget.
  • Inefficient local hiring -. Between doing admin tasks and running his business, Cooper had little spare time for candidate screening. They needed a fast and easy hiring solution that guaranteed high-quality candidates.

The Solution:
Reliable, cost-efficient hiring through Somewhere

Hiring remotely was the most viable solution to T&D Machine’s challenges, so they turned to Somewhere for help.

Our team quickly launched a search for an experienced accountant to help ease the administrative burden on T&D’s team.

“I didn't even try to hire domestically for an Accounting role - I just went straight to Somewhere.”
- Cooper Johnston | Owner, T&D Machine

Here’s how we helped:

  • Fast and efficient remote hiring - We handled the screening process, “making things easy and efficient” for Cooper and his team. All they had to do was wait while our headhunters completed a search, and then choose from a vetted list of candidates.
  • Top-tier candidates - Cooper shares that the overall experience has exceeded his expectations. Their new accountant has produced high-quality work and has helped Cooper free up more time for operational improvements.
  • Lowered overhead costs - Remote talent costs 70-80% less than local counterparts, helping T&D Machine lower its overhead costs. Somewhere also opened opportunities for T&D Machine to hire support staff that didn’t need to be physically present in their facility.

"[Somewhere] is helping us lower overhead costs versus other manufacturing companies."
- Cooper Johnston | Owner, T&D Machine

Lower overhead costs and buy back your time

With Somewhere’s efficient headhunting services, T&D Machine was able to lower overhead costs without negatively impacting their productivity. This gave them a competitive edge against other manufacturers in the market.

More importantly, hiring remotely has helped Cooper free up more time for the things that he does best: running his business, building meaningful relationships, and improving operations.

Want to build a winning edge against the competition?

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