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We find you amazing employees that cost 80% less than US equivalents

We're a headhunter agency for finding
top overseas talent for your company.
We’ve always wanted to hire globally but have struggled to find great candidates. That all changed when we started working with Somewhere.
- Andrew Wilkinson, Managing Partner at Tiny
Somewhere did an excellent job helping us find new engineering talent for our team. They've been competent and responsive throughout the entire process.
- Tobias van Schneider, Founder of Semplice & Designer of Spotify
I really enjoyed working with Somewhere to find a new developer for my team! I've been extremely happy with the entire experience.
- Nik Sharma, Founder of Sharma Brands
Somewhere helped us quickly select top talent for our Customer Service team. It was easy, painless, and fast. We're very happy and will definitely be back for more!
-Patrick Coddou, CEO at Supply
The Somewhere team helped me hire a new EA recently and it’s already been such a great addition to my team. Can highly recommend!
- Adii Pienaar, Creator of WooCommerce
We were most impressed by the high quality of the candidates presented to us. We've been able to get wonderful talent to support our team.
- Kaitlyn Witman, Co-Founder of Rainfactory
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Did you know?

For only around $10,000/year, you can hire full-time remote employees with:

  • Excellent English skills
  • Years of experience in key areas like sales, customer support, finance, and more
  • A great understanding of Western work culture and values

...but it's hard to find the good ones.

Finding great employees overseas can be tough.

I've always struggled to find people overseas, but they found me a great designer!
Jon Wheatley, Entrepreneur

That's where we come in.

Let us find your next favorite employee.

  • Hassle-free remote hiring.
    Our professional headhunting team will find, screen, and vet candidates for you.
  • No recurring fees or hidden costs.
    Once you've selected the perfect candidate, a single, straightforward fee is all you'll pay.
  • Top remote talent, guaranteed.
    Our 6-month Perfect Hire Guarantee gives you plenty of time to evaluate hires and see if they’re a good fit.
Our Approach

What to expect when you work with us

Hit the 'Start Hiring' button. Tell us about the role you're looking to fill. Our team will get in touch to learn more about your hiring needs.
We begin our talent search for your specific role. We'll interview and screen until we find 3 candidates that are well suited for your job.
Once we're confident we've found 3 great options, we'll present them to you. We'll then help you schedule interviews with the candidates to choose your favorite.
After finding the ideal candidate, you pay a one-time flat fee; no hidden fees or ongoing charges. Experience seamless recruitment with our straightforward approach, backed by our 6-month Perfect Hire Guarantee.
What's Possible

Lower your costs by up to 86%

Here are some of the roles we can fill with amazing people

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We'll find you amazing remote employees for up to 80% less.