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Share your work and in return we'll show you what work looks like for other creative professionals. Be inspired, and together we can write a story about the future of work, told by the people who are already living there.

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The world of work has changed, but the tools we use, the job titles, CVs and resumes, don't describe what you do all day. Somewhere helps you augment your resume with a profile that tells the story of your career.

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Share your work by answering Provocations, create a professional profile that represents what you do, and see how the world works through the Sparks of other digital professionals.

Share your work

Share Your Work

We've learned that asking questions about how you work is the best way to help you create Sparks that show the personality behind the things you do.

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Build your profile

Build Your Profile

By answering our Provocations you can augment your CV with a professional profile that lives and breathes the work you're most proud of.

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See how the world works

How The World Works

See what work looks like through the eyes of different people with our collections featuring the work of designers, developers, writers and more.

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Digital creative? Share your work. Pioneering company? Find your people.

What others are saying

Winner of the Boost award at The Next Web conference in Amsterdam, 2015.


“I want to see how someone works, what side projects they work on and what super powers they have.”


“Pinterest For Business? Somewhere Is A New Visual Platform To Share Your Work.”


“Somewhere is LinkedIn for the new way to work. I think this could be the start of something.”


“Somewhere is emblematic of the changing nature of the workplace.”


“The new world of work deserves a new way of showcasing your talents.”


Logo-blackfor companies

Having a profile on Somewhere shows your company culture through the eyes of your people. We call this employee-led employer branding. What's more, we know how hard it is to find good people so we built the Cultural Graph to make that process easier.

Somewhere for teams


Show your company culture, your teams and your approach.

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Somewhere for coworking spaces

Coworking spaces

An online hub for your tenants to connect.

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Somewhere for enterprise organisations


Engage & inspire your enterprise organisation


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