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Why Take This Course

Ask yourself
"If I took a month off, would my business be okay without me?"

If your answer was “no” then you need to take 'The Delegation Leap' course.
The delegation gap is what's holding you back from supercharging your results. It's the difference between an entrepreneur owning their business from an entrepreneur that's too crucial in their business. Delegation is the foundation of a business that can grow & eventually run without you. It's a life-changing skill that can be learned.

It's time to learn how to successfully start delegating

In our experience, hiring your first virtual assistant is the best starting point. It's the best way to take the leap and cross the delegation gap. It allows you to augment yourself and achieve more with your business. Once you master delegating to an assistant, a snowball affect happens. You have the skills required to delegate anything.

This course is taught from perspective of delegating to a virtual assistant, but the lessons learned can be applied to delegating many aspects of your business, such as customer support, operations, creative tasks, bookkeeping, project management, and much more.
Instructor & Lessons

Here's everything you'll learn in 'The Delegation Leap' course

I'm Marshall and I'll be your instructor. I recently delegated my way out of a day-to-day role in all of my companies. I own this agency (Somewhere) and 2 other businesses. You can use what you learn in this course to cut your working hours or go wild and delegate everything. However you use it, I'll help you take the leap into delegating.
  • Identify What To Delegate
    I'll show you how to quickly identify your tasks that should be delegated to an assistant.
  • Hire Your Assistant
    We'll find you an amazing assistant that will cost around $800/month for full-time work.
  • Document & Assign
    I'll show you how to easily document, assign, and organize delegated tasks using free tools.
  • Integrate Your Assistant
    I'll show you how to integrate your assistant into your work-life so you save the most time.
  • Level Up
    Let's get advanced! I'll show you how to gradually level up and delegate even more over time.

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We’ve always wanted to hire globally but have struggled to find great candidates. That all changed when we started working with Somewhere.
Andrew Wilkinson, Managing Partner at Tiny
I used Somewhere and the experience was great! They got our job descriptions, did evaluations, and sent us the best candidates. We ended up hiring 12 people full-time!
Nick Huber, The Sweaty Startup
We were most impressed by the high quality of the candidates presented to us. We've been able to get wonderful talent to support our team.
Kaitlyn Witman, Co-Founder of Rainfactory

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