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Talent is everywhere. Hire with Somewhere.

A passionate team of business operators with years of experience hiring overseas.
Total team members in the Philippines, Latin America, and the US
Businesses transformed
Skilled Candidates
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Our Core Values


Delivering excellent service and continuously raising the bar for performance.

Our commitment to providing world-class service is reflected in our meticulous vetting process, the quality of talent we produce, and the level of efficiency our clients enjoy.

By holding ourselves up to the highest level of quality and service, we lead by example and shape the future of remote work.


We are committed to creating and providing opportunities for everyone — our clients, candidates, and employees.

Whether it’s access to affordable global talent or providing fulfilling jobs to people, remote work presents opportunities that were otherwise deemed impossible.

We have experienced the benefits of remote work firsthand — and we want to share these opportunities with as many people as possible.


Creating an environment of mutual respect, trust, and honesty to become strategic growth partners to both the companies and talent we serve.


We believe in giving our all to everything we do. Our goal is to offer comfort and confidence by providing unwavering support, driven by passion and empathy.


Each person adds something unique. We are stronger and better together, in an inclusive environment, where everyone can feel valued and respected.
Meet everyone

The Somewhere Team

Experience from both sides of the world
covering all aspects of hiring & talent assessment.
Petar Nedyalkov
Benjamin Surman
Chief Operating Officer
Jerimiah Lancaster
Chief Revenue Officer
Kla Lee
Chief of Staff
Bea Candaza
Head of Sales Operations
Chris Grubbs
Head of Marketing
Oyence Reyes
Head of Creatives and Branding
Venice Canatoy
Head of Finance
Camila Morales
HR Manager LatAm
Mariana Amaral
Chief of Staff LatAm

Honorable Alumni

Marshall Haas
Joemer Embernate
General Manager & Co-Founder
Our History

We’ve been doing this
for a long time

We started Somewhere after a decade of hiring overseas in our own businesses
Building the future of remote work
Shepherd adopts a fresh identity: We assemble a leadership team to support continuous growth. Marshall transitions into Somewhere’s advisor and appoints Petar Nedyalkov as CEO.
Shepherd expands to Latin America
The Shepherd team grows to over 100 members in two years. Following tremendous client demand, we expand our talent-sourcing services to Latin America.
Shepherd launches to help other businesses find great talent in Asia
With 10+ years of experience hiring remote staff in The Philippines, Shepherd is ready to help you hire amazing remote employees in The Philippines.
Our boutique hospitality business opens, with back office tasks done from The Philippines
Marshall and his partners start a boutique hospitality business. Our team in The Philippines coordinates daily cleanings, handles guest interactions, and responds to customer inquiries.
Need/Want opens and hires part of its remote staff in The Philippines
Marshall and his co-founder open a startup studio called Need/Want. They start several e-commerce brands, most notably Peel - creators of the original super thin iPhone case. The company is 100% remote, run by a mix of US and Philippine employees.
Marshall's first business starts outsourcing to The Philippines
Marshall's first business was an architectural rendering firm. You know those "coming soon" signs for new construction showing what it's going to look like? The company made those. Marshall focused on the US operations while the renderings were crafted in the Philippines.

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