The future of work is here

You might have heard a lot of people talking about the future of work, about how jobs will change. It sounds scary, and exciting.

We think it's already happened.

The problem is that the tools we use to talk about work - the CVs, resumes and job titles, aren't applicable anymore. So, how do we describe what we do at work, when most of us only really talk about it when we're interviewing for a job, or breaking the ice with someone we've just met?

We decided to ask people. The ones who are already in the future of work, like you. How do you describe what you do? How do you take notes? Where do you want to work? And we asked people to show us what the future of work looked like. We call those answers Sparks.

The culture of sharing

Once we started to encourage people into thinking about how they worked, to start talking and sharing their work in a simple way, we realised that Somewhere wasn't about figuring out the world of work. Somewhere is about helping people understand their world of work, because sharing how you work makes you think about processes you might otherwise take for granted. This is water, after all.

Being a part of Somewhere means people can see what you do, offer advice, ask for your opinion, and that soon you'll find and be found by interesting people along the way.

What's more, when several people from the same company share details about how they work, they help to create a better insight into what life is like at their company, because company culture comes from the people who work there.

Who we are

Duncan Gough, Founder 
Duncan founded Somewhere in 2012, having previously co-founded GameLayers in San Francisco. Started with an idea about a time-travelling careers advice game and documentary, and helped that evolve into a place to talk about what they do and see how other people approach work.

Peter Sorgenfrei, CEO 
Peter joined Somewhere in August 2014, having moved from New York to London.

So what's next?

It is a tough problem we're trying to solve, and we're still just getting started. If you're interested, for yourself or your company, come join us and let us know what you think.

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