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How Remote Talent Supercharged Seiso’s Marketing Game

Here's how remote talent helped Seiso go from "bland and generic" marketing to an increase in marketing-qualified leads.
Cybersecurity is not just technical and complicated — it’s also a highly competitive niche.

To reach ideal customers, cybersecurity firms like Seiso need strong marketing campaigns to support their sales teams.

But how do you consistently market your business when you're too busy overseeing every other aspect of running it?

The Challenge:

Standing out from a tough crowd

This was the exact challenge Seiso encountered as they were growing their business. Without someone taking ownership of daily marketing activities, tasks can easily fall through the cracks. Marketing initiatives can get delayed, the quality of their output could suffer, and the lead pipeline can dry up.

“We needed marketing help with daily activities and graphic design,” says Seiso co-founder and CTO Jon Zeolla.

But finding the right people wasn't a walk in the park either.

Seiso encountered the following challenges:

  • Generic marketing - "Our marketing was bland and generic," admits Jon. They needed to hire someone with strategic and creative marketing skills to take their marketing efforts to the next level and stand out from the competition.
  • Finding the right hires is tough - The perfect candidate must also have technical know-how since they're working in cybersecurity. Individuals like that are hard to find, especially if you use generic job boards or outsourcing companies.
  • Expensive local hires - Jon shares that they’ve considered working with US-based marketing companies, but these are generally more expensive, making the search process even more difficult.

The Solution:

Tailored recruitment services for Seiso’s needs

When Jon heard of Somewhere’s headhunting services through My First Million, he quickly got in touch to begin a search for a marketing hire.

The result?

“It exceeded my expectations,” shares Jon.

Here’s how we helped:

  • Providing highly skilled remote talent - Our headhunting team found a marketing hire who checked Seiso’s boxes. From “boring and generic”, Seiso’s marketing program now "runs on time with high-quality ads and promotions" thanks to their new team member.
  • Simple, efficient hiring process - Somewhere’s process made recruitment easy and efficient for Seiso. All they had to do was let us know about the positions they wanted to hire, wait while our team searched for candidates, and then choose from a shortlist of vetted candidates. It’s that simple.
  • Affordable, dedicated hires - The remote talent we presented cost significantly less than local hires, allowing Seiso to scale its marketing efforts sustainably.

Supercharged marketing with remote talent 

Now that they've got a dedicated marketer on their team, Jon says they've noticed increased marketing qualified leads (MQLs).

“We don't formally measure [performance for these roles] but they have exceeded expectations.”
- Jon Zeolla, Seiso CTO and Co-founder

This goes to show that when you hire the right people, you can stand out from a tough crowd, supercharge your marketing, and expand your pipeline.

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