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From Burnout to Breakthrough: How Remote Hiring Transformed Meiiya's Operations

In the early days of her agency, Meiiya founder Jennifer Lu felt like a burnt-out freelancer instead of a thriving entrepreneur. Learn how she leveraged remote talent to build a scalable business.
Meiiya is a social media agency for brands seeking an impactful online presence.

Fueled by data-driven strategy and a keen eye for storytelling, they're on a mission to create intentional content that attracts — and converts — audiences into returning customers.

Today, Meiiya is a thriving business that provides stunning video content and social media management services to health practitioners across New York.

But that wasn't always the case.

The Problem:

Scaling as a Solopreneur

Meiiya founder Jennifer Lu shares that she struggled to balance multiple roles in the early days of her agency.

"I was a one-person team,” says Jennifer. “I had no time to work on the business itself because I was doing all the service delivery on my own."

Instead of building a scalable business, Jennifer felt like a burnt-out freelancer.

Three key factors posed additional challenges for Meiiya:

  • Swamped with service fulfillment - Video content creation is a time-consuming and highly creative task. To build a business that would grow beyond herself, Jennifer needed to hire a skilled video editor to take service fulfillment off her plate.
  • Inefficient and expensive hiring - However, hiring a new team member was easier said than done. Jennifer shares that she “spent too much time browsing through many candidates” without guaranteeing success.
  • Overpaying contractors - Jennifer considered hiring contractors from Fiverr and Upwork, but these platforms tend to be more expensive in the long run. They did not vet or guarantee hires, leading to many turnovers. To grow Meiiya, Jennifer needed a cost-effective solution that would help her find skilled and affordable team members who were in it for the long haul.

The Solution:

Hiring remotely to pave the way for growth

After learning about Somewhere’s competitive pricing and reviews, Jennifer got in touch to start a search.

Her verdict?

"Literally life-changing.” 

Here’s how we helped:

  • Vetted hires, guaranteed - Using our tried-and-tested recruitment process, our professional headhunters found a video editor that checked all of Jennifer’s qualifications. “It's only been a month but he's been doing amazing work!” says Jennifer. Aside from the editor’s technical skills, Jennifer also commends the editor for his “great attitude and clear communication.”
  • Access to global talent- Jennifer’s new team member helped her scale video content creation without compromising quality. “The videos he produced also received great feedback from my clients and perform well on social media,” shares Jennifer. 
  • Freeing up time for growth - By providing skilled talent without the hassle of traditional hiring, Jennifer had “more peace of mind to think about how to provide better service to clients and grow.”

This new hire takes so much load off my shoulders that I finally feel like I'm building a company instead of being a freelancer.
- Jennifer Lu |  Founder, Meiiya

From burnout to business breakthrough

Hiring remotely helped Jennifer get the breakthrough needed to grow her business. From doing everything herself, she can now focus on growing her business and serving more clients.

The best part?

The competitive salary provides a higher profit margin, giving them an advantage over other agencies. The cost savings have also allowed Jennifer to hire more team members for Meiiya.

‘My goal is to keep getting more clients so will hire more video editors and a social media manager with Somewhere as we grow!”

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