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6 Leadership Roles You Didn’t Know You Could Outsource To The Philippines

Think you can't outsource leadership roles to the Philippines? Think again. In this post, we share 6 real-life examples of the leadership positions we've hired for our clients. Check it out!
Can you outsource leadership roles to remote Filipino employees?

You sure can!

With the right headhunter agency, you can outsource lead roles to highly experienced managers from the Philippines — and save as much as 80% in hiring costs.

We've hired some impressive leadership positions over the past couple of years for our clients. Here are some of our favorites:

Head of customer success

Customer success teams make sure that customers are happy and satisfied with your company's product or service
  • Who hired them? A short-term rental listing app
  • How much did it cost? $1,200/month
  • Years of experience: 10 years in customer service

Happy customers are essential in any business. Software as a service (SaaS) companies, in particular, need a strong customer success team to guide users at every step of the buying journey.

A rental listing app company used our service to find someone who can head their customer success team. We found Johana — a seasoned pro with more than 10 years of experience under her belt.

Johana is a terrific people person, having previously worked in various customer-facing roles like account management and customer service. Her experience and skills made her the perfect candidate to lead our client's growing customer success team.

Today, Johana keeps their customers happy by:

  • taking ownership of customer service tasks
  • responding to support tickets
  • providing product tours, video guides, and campaigns
  • Being the company’s main source of product knowledge

She also works with the company's engineering team to troubleshoot bugs and customer complaints.

Hire a customer success lead for your startup today

Operations lead

an operations manager oversees day to day operations
  • Who hired them? a content creation agency
  • How much did it cost? $1,300/month
  • Years of experience: 5 years in operations and executive assistance

Remote operations managers oversee day-to-day business operations. They’re in charge of:

  • managing resources
  • monitoring the progress of projects —
  • — and acting as a bridge between internal and external stakeholders.

In other words, they're your secret weapon when you want to be a hands-off business owner.

Here at Somewhere, we’ve encountered lots of clients hiring for operations managers. One of our most recent hires is Paola.

Starting out as an executive assistant, Paola grew into a project manager and eventually found her way into operations management. Her varied experience — plus her can-do attitude — made her a perfect fit for this role.

At $1,300 a month, Paola now works full-time for a content creation agency, serving as the bridge between sales, marketing, and service delivery departments. She’s also in charge of creating policies that aim to improve the business’s overall operations.

Need an operations lead? Hire someone like Paola today

Call center manager

A call center manager trains agents and makes sure that your call center runs smoothly
  • Who hired them? A class action law firm
  • How much did it cost? $2,500
  • Years of experience: 10+ years in management

If you need someone to efficiently manage your call center, look no further than the Philippines.

With a billion-dollar business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, the Filipino talent pool is teeming with experienced professionals who can make sure that your contact center runs smoothly.

Call center managers are in charge of onboarding, training, and coaching call center agents. They ensure that agents follow standard operating procedures, provide accurate and clear solutions to callers, and stick to data safety protocols.

One of our clients found a gem in Rose, a seasoned BPO operations manager. Before being hired for the role, Rose already worked for some of the best BPO companies in the Philippines. She created and executed processes that boosted both profit and productivity. On top of that, Rose also managed teams who provided voice, email, and chat support.

It was a no-brainer to hire Rose for the role. She now manages a class-action law firm's call center at $2,500 a month.

Hire a call center manager today

Recruitment admin manager

A recruitment manager helps companies find great team members
  • Who hired them? A proprietary trading firm
  • How much did it cost? $2,000
  • Years of experience: 20 years in recruitment

Recruitment managers are the building blocks of a great company. In a nutshell, they’re responsible for:

  • Your overall recruitment efforts and processes
  • Coming up with effective hiring strategies
  • Overseeing the implementation of hiring procedures
  • Identifying potential candidates through various recruitment tools

That’s why it’s important to hire someone with experience and great people management skills.

One of our clients, a trading firm, needed someone with tons of experience to handle their overall recruitment process. For this job position, we found Jerome, an HR professional with over 2 decades of experience.

In the course of his impressive career, Jerome has held various management positions in recruitment and talent acquisition. He's also highly skilled in creating effective processes for sourcing, onboarding, and creating company KPIs.

The best part?

Hiring Jerome only cost $2,000 a month — saving our client up to $39,000 in annual hiring costs.

Hire a seasoned recruitment pro like Jerome

Digital marketing manager

hire a remote digital marketing manager to oversee your campaigns and digital marketing efforts
  • Who hired them? A B2B consulting agency
  • How much did it cost? $2,000/month
  • Years of experience: 10 years in digital marketing

Handling all of your digital marketing efforts can be challenging. You have to create and execute strategies that meet your customers at every stage of the funnel. Then there’s ideation, coordinating between teams, producing content for campaigns, and monitoring results.  It's not only time-consuming — it also takes a lot of knowledge, experience, and project management skills.

If you want to take these tasks off your plate, you need to hire an experienced digital marketing manager like Lisa.

We found Lisa for a B2B consulting agency that needed someone to:

  • Create detailed business plans
  • Open new sales opportunities through networking and lead gen
  • Conduct market research
  • Produce marketing collaterals and campaigns
  • Create custom presentations for sales meetings
  • Oversee the company’s online presence and track its performance

It's a lot of work, but Lisa's 10 years of experience in digital marketing — as well as her  background in lead generation, campaign creation, and analytics — meant she was ready for the challenge.

Currently, Lisa works full-time at $2,000 a month.

Hire a digital marketing manager

Project manager

A remote project manager is responsible for setting feasible timelines to get projects off thr ground
  • Who hired them? A business consulting firm
  • How much did it cost? $1,500
  • Years of experience: 2+ years in project management

Wanna get projects off the ground? Hire a project manager.

They're responsible for sorting out the nitty-gritty project details by creating feasible timelines, managing challenges, and making sure that every member of the team is working towards a common goal.

Hiring a project manager also means you'll have more time to focus on scaling your company, or, you know, spend more time doing the things you love.

Like operations leads, we've also hired a lot of project managers for our clients over the past couple of years.

For a business consulting firm, we found a project manager in Zest. Within two short years, Zest was already working with clients from the US, UK, and Canada. She’s also proficient in various project management tools like Zoho, Slack, Salesforce, Zendesk, Monday, and Asana.

At $1,500 per month, Zest is now in charge of:

  • Making sure deliverables are done on time
  • Setting up project plans
  • Analyzing risks and opportunities
  • Monitoring project progress and managing issues
  • Creating project documentation and reports

Need a project manager? Let’s talk

Hiring leadership roles is possible with Somewhere

Outsourcing leadership and management roles can be challenging, but with the right systems — and the right headhunter agency — you can find talented and experienced remote leaders from the Philippines.

Filipino managers have tons of relevant experience and subject matter expertise. With their knowledge and practical skills, you’ll be able to get more stuff done in less time.

What leadership positions are you looking to fill? Send us a message today and let's find you a leader who can take more tasks off your plate and help you buy back your time.

FAQs about outsourcing team leadership roles

What are leadership roles?

A leadership role involves heading a certain task or team. Leaders are responsible for taking ownership of an initiative, managing other team members, and creating strategies that help achieve business goals.

Can you outsource managers?

You sure can! Here are some of the management roles we’ve hired for clients over the past couple of years:

  • Customer success lead
  • Operations managers
  • Call center managers
  • Recruitment managers
  • Digital marketing managers
  • Project managers
How to hire overseas talent for team leadership roles?

Use Somewhere. We're a headhunter agency that can find, screen, and vet remote Filipino talent for you.

Here's a quick look at our process:

  • You tell us about the leadership role you're looking to hire.
  • We kick off a search. Our team of professional headhunters will find and screen candidates on your behalf.
  • We'll present a shortlist of qualified candidates to you. You can schedule interviews to see which candidate best fits your business needs.
  • You hire the best one. We'll then hand the relationship over to you and you can start delegating tasks.

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