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How to Delegate Social Media Jobs and Win Back Your Time

Building a social media presence needs effort. If you don’t have the bandwidth for this, it’s best to hand off social media jobs to a VA! Here’s how.
These days, you don’t need a big billboard and a full-page newspaper spread to let people know about your business.

The simpler and more powerful approach is social media.

But how do you expect to win on major platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok if you can’t stick to posting regularly — much less dedicate time to reply to your audience?

Spoiler alert: you can’t unless you delegate these to a social media strategist.

Here’s what you need to know about handing off social media jobs to remote assistants:    

Why hand off social media to a social media coordinator

As of 2023, there are approximately 4.9 billion social media users — that’s more than half of the world’s 8 billion-person population. That’s why any business that wants to be relevant should have a social media presence.

Now while you can create and schedule posts yourself, it’s best to leave these tasks to a social media expert.

Here’s why:  

They know how social media platforms work

Different social media platforms have different rules, features, and algorithms. This can be hard to keep up with, especially since new updates come out every few months.

Part of a social media coordinator’s job is to stay up-to-date on social media best practices. With their help, you can tailor your posts to fit a specific platform as well as comply with the platforms’ terms & conditions.

More engagement

To gain more followers (and keep your existing ones happy), you have to take engagement seriously. You can’t just post once every quarter and expect anyone to remember your brand. Nor should you leave any comments or messages unread.

If you haven’t been the most consistent with posting and replying to followers, then you need a dedicated social media strategist. Besides scheduling posts and engaging with followers, they can also work on creating a social media calendar that’s on-brand and speaks to your audience.

Your time becomes yours again

Coming up with stuff to post, replying to comments, and monitoring analytics can take up a huge chunk of your time. A social media expert won’t just do these tasks better. They’ll also save you a lot of time.

Now you can free up your schedule to focus on building your business and bonding with loved ones.

What’s keeping you from delegating tasks to a social media expert?

Despite the benefits of handing off social media jobs, you might still be on the fence about hiring a social media strategist full-time because:  

No one gets your brand like you do

This is probably one of the biggest reasons behind your hesitation, and we get it. Your brand is like your kid. You can’t help feeling protective and don’t want just anyone representing it. If you’re scared that handing off social media jobs will make you become a micromanager, you need to learn the art of delegation.

You don’t want your account to get compromised

Allowing someone to manage your social media accounts means you might need to share sensitive information like passwords and — if you’re running ads — credit card details. This sounds like a privacy nightmare waiting to happen, but as you’ll find out later, there are several ways to secure your pages.

You’re having a hard time hiring a social media expert

Tried posting ads for remote social media jobs but haven’t found any promising prospects? If that’s the case, use a head hunter agency like Somewhere. We can help you find a qualified and trustworthy social media coordinator that costs 80% less than local equivalents.  

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How to delegate social media remote jobs to a virtual assistant

So you decided that the pros far outweigh the cons and want to start delegating your social media ASAP. That’s great!

Here’s what you need to do:

Narrow down your social media goals (and share them with your VA)

What do you want to get out of social media? Is there a particular platform where you want to focus your efforts on? Are you trying to boost brand awareness or drive sales?

Having a clear grasp of your goals will help you define your social media manager’s duties and make it easier to track progress. Make sure to discuss these objectives with them during their onboarding, too, so they’re on the same page.  

Specify the scope of the role

Social media manager jobs can vary. Some social media strategists may just be in charge of creating the content calendar and scheduling posts while others’ responsibilities may include designing graphics and even running ads.

The extent of the role you’re looking to fill will depend on what your social media goals are, but here are examples of tasks a social media manager can handle:

  • Brainstorming content for multiple social media platforms
  • Basic graphic design and video editing
  • Scheduling posts and stories
  • Competitor analysis
  • Community management
  • Analytics and reporting

You might also want to come up with a number of posts to publish in a month and decide whether your VA will solely be working on social media or may also do some admin tasks.

Give access safely

Social media hacking is unfortunately a common thing, but you can avoid it by:

  • Creating a strong password (a password manager like 1Password can generate one for you and keep it secure)
  • Inviting your social media virtual assistant as a collaborator instead of sharing your personal login credentials
  • Requiring two-factor authentication
  • Assigning specific permissions
  • Having an action plan ready in case of a security breach

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Provide resources

Set your social media coordinator up for success by sharing resources like:

  • Style guides
  • Customer avatars
  • Media assets
  • Tone and content guidelines
  • Canned responses

This gives them a better understanding of your brand, keeps messaging consistent, and ensures your audience finds value in your content. If you’re still finalizing your SOPs, this guide will help you streamline things.

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Do regular QA checks

Even if you give your new social media manager a ton of resources, that doesn’t mean they’ll be 100% perfect yet. They might still make an occasional hiccup, like proposing a topic that’s not in line with your messaging or posting an announcement on the wrong day.

Be their second pair of eyes and do quality checks before they start creating content and scheduling it. You’ll want to keep an eye out on:

  • Typos and misspelled words
  • Accuracy of information
  • Wrong links
  • Image sizes
  • Publish dates

Do this for every post during their first few weeks. Eventually, they’ll get the hang of it and won’t need too much supervision. You can then just do random checks.

Give feedback and be willing to receive some back

Besides quality checks, another way to help your VA improve is to dole out constructive feedback. What can you say about their content calendar? Do you think they need to concentrate on promoting one product over another? Maybe you want them to use more visually striking images?

A good social media manager will take your input and use it to give your followers the best impression of your brand.  

Be willing to listen to them at the same time. Like we said earlier, a social media strategist knows the ins and outs of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, so they’ll have some awesome ideas up their sleeve.

Hit social media goals without sacrificing your time

Managing a social media page — or pages — requires energy you’re best using elsewhere, like securing deals, preparing for your next product launch, and planning next year’s goals.

When you hand the reins over to a sharp social media expert, you’ll finally have room to get these done while your brand stays relevant and reminds people why they followed you in the first place.

Need help finding an experienced social media coordinator? Just tell us about the role and we’ll take care of the rest!

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