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What To Know Before Hiring a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Interested in hiring a Pinterest virtual assistant? Learn what a Pinterest VA does and how to find one in this comprehensive article.
Pinterest: it’s that site where brides make mood boards of their dream weddings, right?

Sure, but it’s also much more than that.

As a platform that combines search and social sharing, it can be an invaluable tool in your marketing arsenal. If you don’t have the time to build your brand on Pinterest, don’t worry. A Pinterest virtual assistant can lend a hand.  

Here’s what you should know about hiring one:

What does a Pinterest virtual assistant do?

A Pinterest virtual assistant helps you build a presence on Pinterest. They plan and create content that encourages Pinners (aka Pinterest users) to interact with your brand.

Let’s take a more detailed look at some of their responsibilities:

Design pins that convert

A Pinterest virtual assistant helps you produce attention-grabbing pins and boards. Depending on your business, that might mean infographics, product photos, or videos.

Pinning requires plenty of brainstorming on your Pinterest manager’s part. They may create a strategy that includes:

  • Specific posts or products to feature
  • Fonts to use
  • Color schemes to follow

Perform competitor analysis  

If your business is just starting out, Pinterest can give you more insight into your industry. Your virtual assistant can look at what your competitors are doing and who your audience is following. This information helps them create more tailored content.

Create optimized pin descriptions

Pinterest works like a search engine. When Pinners enter certain keywords, related content pops up in the results. To boost a pin’s chances of appearing on top of the page, the VA sprinkles relevant keywords in the description. They also keep these keywords in mind when creating board titles.

Join group boards

A closeup of a Pinterest widget

Besides making boards for your brand, your virtual assistant can also find popular group boards to join so that even more people see your pins. They have to apply, wait to be accepted, and follow the group's rules.

Joining group boards is easier said than done, but a seasoned Pinterest VA will make it work.

Schedule posts

A Pinterest manager spends their time wisely. They can use tools like Tailwind to schedule pins in advance. They may also maintain a content calendar to keep track of all the pins.    

Analyze performance

A Pinterest VA’s work doesn’t end after scheduling posts. They check re-pins, saves, pin clicks, and other data to find out whether the pins are paying off.

If the numbers are down, they get to the root cause and come up with ways to solve it. It’s what any good VA would do.

Stay up-to-date on trends and updates

Like other social media platforms, Pinterest constantly changes its algorithm. Pinterest managers need to keep up with the latest best practices and trends in the industry so that your brand doesn’t get left behind.

Who needs a Pinterest virtual assistant?

Pinterest has over 433 million users as of April 2022. So if you want to make your brand seen by thousands online, it pays to be visible on Pinterest.

Hiring a Filipino Pinterest virtual assistant can benefit you if:

  • You don’t have time to create pins on a regular basis
  • You need help making quality visuals  
  • You want more people to learn about your brand
  • You want to boost traffic to your website
  • You want to attract a bigger following
  • You want to save your energy for more urgent tasks

Benefits of hiring a Pinterest manager

Cheerful ladies smiling over something on an ipad

You’ll increase brand awareness

Did you know that a whopping 97% of Pinterest searches are unbranded? That means you have the potential to gain TONS of exposure. All it takes is visually appealing content, some SEO magic, and a dedicated Pinterest VA.

With these ingredients, your brand can reach a lot of curious Pinners.


Your website will gain more traffic and conversions

When Pinners see your pins on their home feed or search results, you’ll have the opportunity to increase the traffic to your site. Just add the URL to your board, pin descriptions, and profile.

More website visitors will mean more email subscribers, leads, or sign-ups.  

You can free up your time

To grow on Pinterest, you need to be consistent with your pins. It can take up a huge chunk of your time. Delegating Pinterest management to a VA will give you more room in your schedule while ensuring your brand is in the right hands.

By hiring a Pinterest VA, you can work on your favorite part of the business, pick up a new hobby, or enjoy the company of your friends and family.  

What to look for in a Pinterest virtual assistant

Excited to hire your Pinterest manager? Here are the traits and skills to look for in your search:

  • Pinterest experience - Your virtual assistant should be familiar with the way the Pinterest algorithm works. They should also love exploring new ideas and saving them to their own boards. If they have professional Pinterest management experience, that’s even better.    
  • Initiative - They can think on their feet and aren’t afraid to try new things. As soon as an issue crops up, they look for ways to solve it.
  • Great communication skills - Your VA has to get your vision and translate it into content that makes sense for your brand. They also won’t hesitate to speak up and share their ideas. And when you have concerns to relay, they’re easy to reach.    
  • Content creation and scheduling tools know-how - The ideal Pinterest VA has an eye for design and knows their way around Canva. They’re also organized and understand how to use tools like Tailwind and Hootsuite.  
  • Takes feedback in stride - Every virtual assistant should handle criticism like a champ. They must be willing to listen and aspire for constant improvement.


How to hire a Pinterest VA using Somewhere

Finding the right Pinterest virtual assistant may seem like a tedious job, but that’s what Somewhere is here for.

We’re a headhunter agency that connects people like you with talented Filipino Pinterest managers—at a price that won’t hurt your pocket.

Here’s how we can help you hire a skilled Pinterest VA:

What to expect when you work with Somewhere

Step 1: Tell us about your ideal candidate

Answer this form to give us an idea about the role you want to fill. Just a heads up—you’ll need to include a job description. You can use this post as a guide.

Step 2: We’ll commence the search

We’ll get in touch with you to talk specifics and introduce you to a project manager. They’ll be your point person during the entire process.

After the call, our talent assessors and scouts will start the search for your Pinterest manager. Each candidate will undergo a strict screening process to guarantee they meet your requirements.

Step 3: Choose from a hand-picked list

We’ll present you with the best candidates from our search. From there, you’ll choose which ones you’d like to interview for the virtual assistant position.  

Step 4: Hire your new Pinterest virtual assistant

After you pick the best candidate from the bunch, we’ll hand off the relationship to you and you can begin delegating tasks to them.

How much should you pay a Pinterest virtual assistant?

The rate will depend on the scope of their tasks, but the range is around $900 - 1,200 per month for a full-time Filipino Pinterest VA. That’s approximately 80% less than a local Pinterest manager! Check out this guide to get a better picture of the salary ranges for remote staff.

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Ready to hire a Pinterest virtual assistant?

Building a presence on Pinterest takes time, but the results will pay off when you see more traffic to your site. A Pinterest manager can take charge of planning, scheduling, and executing everything so that you can free up your time.

Get started on hiring one now!

FAQs about hiring a Pinterest VA

What does a Pinterest virtual assistant do?

A Pinterest virtual assistant specializes in Pinterest management for businesses. They plan content and manage boards to grow your brand’s presence on the platform—increasing your conversions.

Their duties can include:

  • Designing pins that convert
  • Performing competitor analysis
  • Creating optimized pin descriptions
  • Joining group boards
  • Scheduling posts
  • Analyzing performance
  • Staying up-to-date on trends and updates
How much does a Pinterest manager make?

Full-time Pinterest VA jobs can range from $900 - 1,200 per month. This will depend on the VA’s skills, experience, and extent of responsibilities.

How do I hire a remote Pinterest virtual assistant?

It’s simple—use a headhunter agency like Somewhere.

There’s no need to pause an important part of your business to screen, reach out, and test candidates yourself. We’ll take care of these for you. Just tell us what you’re looking for in a Pinterest manager, show up for the interviews, and hire your favorite.

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