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How AltAgency Achieved Profitable Growth with Strategic Filipino Talent Acquisition

AltAgency needed new team members, but they didn't have the time or bandwidth for traditional hiring. Enter: Somewhere's team of professional headhunters.
AltAgency has made a name for itself by transforming agency owners' approach to growth and efficiency.

In just a few years, they've shifted from automation consultancy to a cornerstone in coaching and training, empowering over 150 agency owners to scale their businesses effectively.

Facing operational growth challenges, they needed strategic hiring solutions.

The Challenge:

Identifying and Hiring Specialized Roles for Agency Growth

As the founder and CEO of AltAgency, Greg Hickman focuses on driving growth, enhancing training programs, and ensuring his team delivers top-notch service.

"We needed a video editor for our YouTube channel and an ops manager needed an assistant. The hiring and recruitment process took time and bandwidth we didn't have," Greg explains, highlighting the operational challenges faced by AltAgency™.

Identifying these hiring challenges marked the beginning of AltAgency's journey to find a strategic solution to streamline their recruitment process and enhance their team's capabilities.

Key challenges stalling their progress:
  • Hiring processes were too slow. The time devoted to scouting, interviewing, and onboarding new employees was draining resources and halting progress, preventing the company from focusing on its core activities.
  • Specialized roles were hard to fill. Critical vacancies, such as a video editor for their YouTube channel and an assistant for the operations manager, remained open. The difficulty in finding the right talent for these specific positions was a major obstacle.
  • Tasks were piling up as efficiency dropped. Lacking the necessary staff led to delays in content distribution and an accumulation of operational tasks, significantly impacting AltAgency's productivity and the quality of its services.

The Solution:

Boosting Agency Performance with Targeted Hiring Solutions

Switching to our services, AltAgency found the breakthrough it needed.

"Working with [Somewhere] completely changed our hiring game," Greg highlighted.

Here's how we tackled their challenges:
  • We made hiring faster. Our efficient process cut down the hiring time, letting AltAgency get back to what they do best. This shift meant they could grow without the drag of traditional recruitment.
  • We connected them with the right talent. Finding people who fit specific roles was tough for AltAgency. We changed that by linking them with professionals who were just right for their team, boosting their work quality and efficiency.
  • We helped them scale. With the right team members on board, they've pushed out content regularly and focused on increasing profits, setting themselves up for even bigger success.

AltAgency Drives Agency Growth Through Targeted Recruitment Strategies That Scale

Our work with AltAgency has led to remarkable outcomes, transforming their growth and team-building approach.

What stood out most from his experience for Greg was "The recruitment time savings first and then the affordability of talented people."

We sped up how fast they hire, connected them with awesome talent, and helped them grow their business without the usual headaches.

This wasn’t just a quick fix; it’s helped them level up for good.

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