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Why Use Veem to Pay Virtual Assistants from the Philippines

Looking for a fast, easy, and secure way to pay your remote assistants? Veem can provide all that and more. Find out more in this post.
With so many international payment platforms to choose from, things can get complicated fast. The good news?

Veem can simplify this tedious process for you. By using multi-rail payment technology, Veem can provide easy and secure payment solutions for small to medium businesses. We use them to pay our 150+ Filipino team members— and you can, too.

Here’s everything you need to know about Veem and why you should use it to pay your remote Filipino assistants:

We’ve partnered with Veem to bring fast and easy payment solutions to our clients. This post may contain affiliate links. Find out more about our partnership here.

What is Veem and how does it work?

Veem is an online payment platform that allows you to send and receive payments worldwide.

Unlike traditional wire transfers that use a lot of intermediary banks to get money from Point A to Point B, Veem uses multi-rail technology to send and receive money.

By bypassing the traditional wire methods, Veem can:

  • Send transactions faster (2-3 business days instead of the usual 5)
  • Cut back on transfer fees
  • Ensure that transfers are secure and are only sent to legitimate accounts
  • Offer competitive exchange rates

With Veem, employers can send payments to their remote Filipino teams without the hassle.

Why use Veem to pay remote assistants?

Aside from fast and secure payments, Veem also offers a lot of competitive features for its users. Here’s why we prefer using Veem to pay our remote staff in the Philippines:

It’s easy to set up

Creating a Veem account only takes a couple of minutes. Simply sign up, enter your personal information and bank details, and then verify your account via email.

A free account gives you access to most functions, but the paid version ($14.99/month) unlocks more business features like:

  • Free bank transfers for US and Canada
  • Mass payments
  • Payment reminders, permissions, and roles
  • Bookkeeping integrations

Learn more about Veem’s available plans here.

One-stop shop for invoicing and payments processing

Veem’s dashboard is clean and intuitive. Even if you’re not the most techie person around, you can navigate it easily. You can see your transaction history and manage your accounts receivables and payables in one place.

Your remote assistants can also build professional invoices in seconds. They don’t need to enter your bank information each time they send an invoice — they just need your verified Veem email address.

Having everything in one place for you and your staff helps you reduce errors and save hours each month.

You can use it to send out automated mass payments

Veem’s mass payment feature allows you to send 10-1000 bulk payments in one go. This is pretty neat if you’ve got a growing team in the Philippines.

Veem also has powerful payment automation tools that let you:

  • Schedule payments ahead of time
  • Send recurring payments
  • Set up custom approval workflows


Veem users can send payments to 100+ countries, including the Philippines. It’s also available in 70 currencies.

You can choose from a wide range of payment  methods:

  • ACH/Electronic fund transfers within US and Canada
  • Checks
  • Debit and credit card
  • Veem wallet

Seamless integration with bookkeeping tools

With Veem, you don’t have to manually export all your financial records. Instead, you can keep your books in sync by integrating Veem with accounting software like Quickbooks and Xero.

Excellent customer support

Lastly, Veem offers 24/7 multilingual support through phone, email, or live chat. Their team will be able to assist you anytime!

Who is Veem best for?

Veem is best for small business owners and sole proprietors who want to send local and international payments. It’s also an excellent option if you:

  • have a growing team in the Philippines
  • want to send mass payments in one go
  • want to integrate your transactions with a bookkeeping app —
  • — and use automation to free up more time.

How is Veem different from other payment platforms?

How does Veem hold up against other popular payment platforms for Filipino assistants? Let’s take a look:

Veem vs Wise

A simple table comparing Veem and Wise
Image from Veem

Veem and Wise are both good options when it comes to remote payments. However, if you're looking for a platform with better customer support, then Veem might be a better choice. They offer multichannel and multilingual support around the clock.

Unlike Wise, Veem supports more countries and allows you to send check payments.

Overall, Veem provides more flexibility — plus a wider range of services for remote employers who want to pay their overseas team.

Veem vs Payoneer

a comparison chart between Veem and Payoneer
Image from Veem

Payoneer is another popular payment method available in the Philippines. Looking at their features alone, Veem has clear advantages over Payoneer. First off, it doesn't charge a steep inactivity fee. Aside from its robust customer support, Veem also allows premium members to send mass payments and free domestic payments.

How to send payments with Veem

Easily pay your remote Filipino team with Veem

Veem is a great option for small business owners who are looking for a fast, easy, and secure way to pay their remote Filipino assistants.

We've been using it to pay our remote Filipino staff for the past couple of years and it's made our lives so much easier. Sign up with Veem today and start paying your assistants without the hassle.

FAQs about Veem

Is Veem available in the Philippines?

Yes, it is. You can use Veem to pay your remote assistants based in the Philippines. They support payments to 100+ countries. You can send payments from 37 countries.

How long does it take for Veem to transfer?

Through multi-rail technology, Veem can transfer funds within 2-3 business days. You also have the option to send instant deposits for transactions up to $5000, at a 1% fee. The transaction fee caps at $20.

How secure is Veem?

Veem uses blockchain, a decentralized and secure payment processing transmission system. This allows them to bypass the traditional wire transfer methods. With blockchain, Veem can hold, transmit and transfer value from Point A to Point B in seconds. This lessens errors, as well as unnecessary fees.  

Veem also uses the latest tech protocols when it comes to website security. Everything you share, store, and upload on their platform is encrypted with the most advanced security protocols in the industry, so you can rest easy knowing that your info is secure.

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