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How Monday Girl Balanced Growth and Authenticity with Overseas Talent

Monday Girl is a thriving private network that empowers the next generation of professional women, focusing on mid to senior-level career development.

Founders Rachel Wong and Istiana Bestari sought to create a space where women could find mentorship, support, and genuine connection — something they struggled to find in conventional networking.

Their platform offers members a variety of experiences, such as:

  • Office-hours sessions with high-profile industry leaders
  • Exclusive digital and in-person events
  • Access to a thriving Slack community—
  • — and a weekly newsletter

Now with over 4000 members, Monday Girl faced an urgent need to scale without compromising the authenticity that defined its approach.

The Challenge:

Balancing growth and authenticity

Rachel Wong, Co-Founder of Monday Girl, managed a delicate balance between her demanding role in a tech company and steering Monday Girl's expansion. The sheer volume of operational tasks became overwhelming, leading Rachel to a pivotal realization: "It was just too much."

Three key challenges stood out:
  • Managing daily tasks while growing the business. As Monday Girl expanded, the workload intensified, straining their limited resources and threatening the quality of their services. They needed to allocate limited resources for maximum impact during this crucial growth stage.
  • Scaling at startup with a limited budget. Finding cost-effective solutions for scaling was a struggle. Rachel noted the inefficiency of previous approaches: "We were trying to go through Fiverr or Upwork, but it wasn’t actually very cost-effective."
  • Wasting time onboarding contract workers. The turnover of contractors stalled momentum. "I'm spending so much time training, only for me to just again be stuck looking for somebody else," Rachel shares her frustration with the repetitive onboarding cycle.

“We tried our best to find contractors, actually sourcing for the community to help out. The problem was they were also doing this on the side and preoccupied with their nine-to-fives.” - Rachel Wong, Co-Founder of Monday Girl

The Solution:
Effective and personalized staffing with Somewhere

Rachel and her team needed a quick and effective solution — something that could integrate seamlessly into their existing workflow.

After carefully considering their options, they found in Somewhere a partner that perfectly matched all their requirements.

With high praise from a past customer and a service offering that promised speed, efficiency, and a personal touch, Somewhere stood out as the trusted choice for Monday Girl.

Here’s how we helped:
  • Quick and effective staffing. Somewhere promptly responded to Monday Girl's need for operational support with a skilled virtual assistant who seamlessly integrated into their team. "We found someone very, very quickly... and we've been working with the same VA since last August/September, and she's been amazing," Rachel explains.
  • Cost-effective scaling strategy. Somewhere's approach delivered a sustainable and economically viable solution, enabling Monday Girl to expand its operations effectively. Rachel emphasized that it "has obviously resulted in our ability to spend more time focusing on the growth and other metrics."
  • Personalized onboarding and support. The transition to working with Somewhere was smooth and felt tailored to Monday Girl's specific needs. Rachel highlighted the unique aspect of the service, saying, "It feels so personalized and real," which speaks volumes about the care and attention provided to ensure a seamless onboarding process.

“And of course, [the Somewhere recruiter] was super organized, followed up on time, and made sure that we were looking for the right people; the interviews that we had were great.” - Rachel Wong, Co-Founder of Monday Girl

Effortlessly integrate remote talent into your company

Monday Girl added a team member who didn't just tackle daily tasks but set a new performance standard. "It was amazing because we realized that she had her own process too. So she was doing morning updates and the day updates, and I was like, my gosh, we actually started doing them too," Rachel said.

It's a clear message to startups. With the right people, you can manage your workload and inspire a culture of continuous improvement without sacrificing high standards.

Here's to embracing growth, innovation, and the continued success of Monday Girl.

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