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How Somewhere Helped Spin Servers Streamline Their Operations with Strategic Hiring

Due to the technical nature of their industry, IaaS provider Spin Servers had trouble finding the right hires. This is where we come in to help.
Spin Servers is a wholesale Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, specializing in server solutions in a high-powered, secured data center environment. With a growing demand for instant, no-commitment monthly server rentals, the company faced unique challenges in staffing to meet specialized operational needs.

The Challenge:

Finding The Right Fit in a Niche Industry

Arnav, the Founder & CEO of Spin Servers, oversees every technical and operational aspect of the business, ensuring strategic decisions lead to meeting goals and delivering high-quality services.

His day-to-day involves managing a dynamic team and navigating the complexities of the IaaS industry.

"Not only do we need people who are technically proficient, but we also need people who fit into our company culture of being flexible and dynamic," Arnav states, highlighting the difficulty in finding suitable candidates.

The hiring process presented several challenges for Spin Servers:
  • Roles require specific technical experience. The niche nature of Spin Servers' industry means candidates need a deep understanding of server hardware and end-user applications. This specialization made it difficult to find suitable applicants, impacting the company's ability to meet client demands efficiently.

  • Finding the right team fit. Spin Servers isn't just looking for smart people; they need team members who thrive in a dynamic, flexible work environment. The challenge was finding individuals with the right skills and fit into the company's unique culture.

  • Limited local talent pool. The business model of offering instant, no-commitment monthly rentals required staff who could rapidly adapt and respond to changing customer needs and technical issues, a tall order in a tight labor market.

The Solution:

Personalized Hiring Through Somewhere

Spin Servers turned to Somewhere to find a tech-savvy Executive Assistant and Accounting Admin. "Somewhere seemed to offer a more personalized approach to understanding our business needs and the specific roles we needed to fill," explains Arnav.

Solutions to address hiring challenges:
  • Personalized recruitment strategy. By focusing on the technical requirements and the cultural fit, Somewhere's personalized hiring process allowed Spin Servers to find candidates with the exact mix of technical knowledge and soft skills required.

  • Focusing on soft skills and fit. Attention to matching the company's dynamic culture with potential hires ensured new team members felt right at home from day one. Aligning the right soft skills meant onboarding was smooth and fast.

  • Proactive and adaptable hires. Somewhere provided candidates capable of quick thinking and proactive problem-solving, streamlining operations and improving customer satisfaction.

At Spin Servers, the EA performance is measured by:

  • task efficiency
  • independent problem-solving
  • proactive communication.

The EA found through Somewhere exceeded expectations in every area.

During a severe server outage, what could have been a disaster turned into a moment of exceptional performance. "The Executive Assistant stepped up with precision and confidence," Arnav recalls. They coordinated with the technical team and maintained open lines of communication with clients, effectively minimizing the outage's impact.

This incident became a testament to Spin Servers' commitment to reliability and client service, thanks to the EA's proactive crisis management.

“We plan to continue hiring team members for different roles through Somewhere as our business grows. There's a definite need for specialized roles that understand our industry and Somewhere has been a reliable partner in this regard.” - Arnav, the Founder & CEO of Spin Servers

Hiring Dedicated Support Staff to Streamline Processes and Accelerate Growth in Tech Services

The partnership with Somewhere has transformed Spin Servers' hiring process, enabling the company to overcome its unique industry challenges.

"It's helped Spin Servers continue to grow, especially by streamlining our operations and ensuring we maintain high standards of service," Arnav reflects.

The hires from Somewhere have met and exceeded expectations in technical proficiency and cultural fit, playing pivotal roles in operational success and client satisfaction.

"There's only positives that can come out of working with Somewhere. They understand our needs, provide candidates who not only fit the technical requirements but also our company culture, and have been a key partner in our growth." - Arnav, the Founder & CEO of Spin Servers

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