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14 Jobs You Can Outsource To Real Estate Virtual Assistants in the Philippines

Stay ahead of the competition by outsourcing these real estate tasks to Filipino remote assistants.
Building a real estate business is tough. Building a team to help you grow your real estate business? That’s even tougher.

If you’re like most founders, you’re probably dealing with rising employment costs, high competition, and a very limited talent pool in your area. If any of these factors are preventing you from building a robust team, try hiring real estate virtual assistants in the Philippines:

A Twitter screenshot from Nick Huber, a real estate businessman: "I employ 20+ employees in the Philippines and they fill critical roles inside my business from customer service to billing to admin work. They make $5 an hour, which is 3x the avg wage in theat country. It has been a complete game changer for my business over the last 5 years"

Filipino real estate VAs are reliable, easy to work with, and cost 80% less than local hires. The best part?

They’re highly skilled in a wide range of real estate tasks— from data entry to property management.

We help real estate businesses like Nick’s build awesome offshore teams. Here are some examples of the positions we’ve hired so far:

Real estate administrative assistants

Admin assistants are your secret weapon when it comes to managing day-to-day operations. They can help you free up time by doing small, repetitive tasks like:

  • clearing your inbox
  • managing your schedule
  • answering phone calls —
  • — and setting appointments

But that's not all.

While they're excellent generalists, you can also find admin assistants that have work experience in specialized fields like finance.

Take Jane, for example. We recently hired her for a real estate investment company. Before getting this job, Jane worked as a bookkeeper for 16 years. Today, she uses her extensive bookkeeping experience to:

  • maintain QuickBooks records
  • prepare financial reports
  • assist in payroll and invoices —
  • — and track project spending

Whether you need a general administrative assistant to help you get things in order, or need someone with specialized skills like Jane, you can hire a remote Filipino employee for the job.

Start the search for real estate assistant today

Customer support

Two customer service reps handle a call

Multinational companies have been outsourcing customer support to the Philippines for years. The Philippines’ business process outsourcing (BPO) industry is so huge that it contributes around $30 billion to the country’s economy.

This means that you can hire a lot of talented customer support reps (CSRs) with professional call center training in the Philippines. If they have previous BPO experience, they’re most likely trained to:

  • Answer inquiries courteously
  • Speak with a neutral English accent
  • Navigate tricky conversations
  • De-escalate issues

With the rise of remote work, many BPO employees are now looking for opportunities to work from home instead of spending hours sitting in traffic just to get to the office. You can capitalize on this and hire CSR pros like Louie.

We scouted him for a property management company that handles home and condo units.

With his 10 years of experience in customer service, he was a shoo-in for the role. At $1,300 a month, Louie helps our client by:

  • Answering texts and calls from guests
  • Updating operations databases —
  • — and assisting with financial administrative tasks

Need someone like Louie? Start a search today


Did you know that you can also outsource your bookkeeping needs to Filipino remote workers?

Philippine universities are known for their stringent accountancy programs. Hiring a Filipino bookkeeper for your real estate business means investing in a highly skilled and detail-oriented professional.

The Philippines and the US also share similar accounting policies, so getting a remote bookkeeper up to speed shouldn’t be a problem.

Here are the common tasks that you can outsource to remote real estate bookkeepers:

  • Tracking property-level financials
  • Generating regular financial reports
  • Collaborating with accounting firms for annual financial statements and tax returns
  • Reconciling bank accounts
  • Updating accounts payables and receivables

Cherry, a bookkeeper we hired for a real estate investment firm, does all of the tasks above. She spent 4 years working with a US real estate company, where she managed the financial records of 12 properties. She now works full-time at $1,200 a month.

Hire a real estate bookkeeper for your company

Data entry

Data entry is another common task you can outsource to the Philippines. By taking clerical tasks off your plate, you can focus on tasks that can directly impact your business.

Filipino data entry specialists can help you automate your processes by encoding accurate information into your client relationship management (CRM) systems. They can also organize your files, digitize records, and update databases.

Like EAs, you can find data entry specialists that have relevant experience in other fields. Danny is the perfect example of this. Aside from data entry, he also works as an accounts payable specialist for a real estate investment firm.

At $1,250 a month, Danny helps the company by:

  • processing payments and purchase orders
  • validating invoices
  • creating reports—
  • — and contacting suppliers

Hire a data entry specialist like Danny today

Appraisal support analyst

Buildings tower over an urban skyline

Appraisal analysts in the US make $62,500 annually or around $5,200 a month. In the Philippines, you can hire appraisal support analysts for only $900 a month. That’s 83% less than a local hire.

Aside from fact-checking and research, appraisal analysts in the Philippines are also great at piecing together data to create cohesive appraisal reports.

Take Laira, for example. We recently hired her for a commercial real estate firm. She helps the company’s clients make sound investment decisions by:

  • Creating appraisal reports
  • Researching local market information
  • Knowing the latest development trends
  • Gathering property-specific information like sale histories, site dimensions, and property taxes

Laira now works full-time at the client timezone for only $900 a month.

Need to hire an appraisal support specialist?

Financial analyst

Aside from appraisal analysts, you can also hire awesome financial analysts in the Philippines. The talent pool is full of individuals who are familiar with US real estate financial modeling and valuation. Many of them even have post-grad degrees in Business Management or related fields.

We found Glaiza for a commercial real estate developer. A seasoned financial analyst with more than 5 years of experience in the field, Glaiza helps her employer by:

  • Performing financial and valuation analyses
  • Underwriting new deals and investment opportunities
  • Preparing business plans and financial forecasts
  • Reviewing industry market data and benchmarks
  • Supporting the team in development activities and strategic initiatives

That’s a lot of value for only $900 a month. With these cost savings, you can easily build a team of financial analysts for your firm and expand your business.

Hire a financial analyst like Glaiza today

Sales representatives

Sales calls allow you to reach new customers and bring in new business. The thing is, it’s a numbers game. To hit your sales targets, you need to make hundreds of sales calls each month. It can easily take a huge chunk of your time.

The solution?

Outsource it to a remote sales rep. Filipino sales representatives can communicate well in English and are no strangers to client calls. If you use Sheperd, we might even find a sales rep with native-level English skills like Bea.

Bea previously worked as a referral manager, giving her plenty of experience in customer relationships. She’s familiar with interacting with brokers, agents, and home buyers. She also worked as an outbound lead generation VA, which made her perfect for the sales rep role.

Bea’s experience in sales now brings in new business for the real estate investment firm that hired her.

The best part?

They only spend $1,200 a month to keep Bea in the company.

Let’s find you a stellar sales rep today

Creative designer

A graphic designer searches for pegs online

Hiring remote assistants in the Philippines isn’t limited to investment firms and developers. If you’re a marketing agency that serves real estate clients, you can also find a lot of talented creatives here.

We found Paolo for a marketing firm that produces real estate multimedia content like podcasts, photos, and videos. They needed a creative designer to make real estate illustrations and 3D floor plans.

Paolo, a licensed architect in the Philippines, was perfect for the role. Aside from drafting, he also had experience in logo and merchandise design. At $1050 a month, Paolo brings value to the business by making hand-drawn illustrations on Procreate.

Find a creative designer like Paolo for your agency

Content writer

If you're keen on using content marketing to promote your real estate business, you need a talented writer on your team. They can help you:

  • write optimized blogs
  • create case studies and whitepapers
  • produce marketing copy for infographics and social media
  • create lead magnets like ebooks and guides

With their proficiency in English, the Philippines is a great place to find affordable but highly skilled writers who can produce top-notch work for your company.

We found an excellent one in Jake, an SEO writer with more than 7 years of experience in the field. A real estate marketing agency hired him to help them create content for their audiences. He now works as an in-house writer for only $1,200 a month.

Hire a content writer today

Lead gen and acquisitions specialist

Is it possible to get a lead gen specialist for only $900? It is when you hire remotely.

Lead generation specialists from the Philippines know their way around LinkedIn lead generation and cold emailing.

When you hire the right people, they can even:

  • take ownership of your whole lead pipeline
  • research target companies
  • meet with your growth team regularly —
  • — and keep your CRM in top shape

That's what Amy does for a property management company after getting hired via Somewhere.

Before that, she worked as a sales and lead gen specialist for 10 years, handling client correspondences and cold email campaigns.

Another example is Louise — an excellent acquisitions specialist hired by a housing developer. On top of lead generation, she’s also responsible for closing deals and preparing letters of intent (LOIs). Louise has 4 years of experience as a real estate virtual assistant and has the skills to enrich her team. At only $1,500 a month, she brings in a ton of value to the company.


Remote salaries depend on factors like the level of expertise, the complexity of the role, and the scope of the project. To learn more about the different salary ranges, download our free Salary Guide here.

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Marketing coordinator

A marketing team brainstorming together

You don’t see a lot of real estate firms hiring marketing coordinators. But if you're serious about growing your online reach, you might consider hiring someone like Reggie.

We found him for a full-service commercial property developer that developed offices and warehouses, as well as retail, medical, and self-storage facilities. They wanted to stay ahead of the competition by doubling down on their marketing efforts.

At $1,400 a month, Reggie helps them by:

  • Filtering, maintaining, and contacting leads
  • Maintaining active properties on the company website
  • Connecting with local area real estate brokers
  • Managing social media presence and website updates
  • Coordinating the development of marketing collaterals

The kicker? Reggie also holds an MBA and has 7 years of relevant experience. With a marketing coordinator at the helm, our client can stay ahead of the competition, be more visible to clients, and build their authority in the real estate scene.

Step up your real estate marketing game today

Property manager

Property management is often seen as an on-location job, but with the right process — and the right person — it can be done remotely.  

Hiring remote property managers is a great option if you flip or manage multiple properties. They can help you manage your growing portfolio by:

  • administering invoices
  • looking after long-term rentals —
  • — and making sure that tenants, contractors, and landlords comply with policies.

Janine, one of the property managers we hired recently, does all that while working in the same timezone as her employer. Before getting scouted by our headhunters, she already managed 5 properties and is well-versed with the ins and outs of American real estate.

Today, she works full-time at $1,450 a month.

Hire a property manager today

Maintenance coordinator

If you serve high-end clients or operate up-scale properties, having someone in charge of maintenance coordination is a worthy investment. They can give your tenants personalized customer service. If something needs fixing, they can also coordinate with vendors and monitor the progress of work orders on your property.

We recently hired one for a property management company that manages boutique apartment complexes.

With 4 years of experience in customer service for US companies, Jerry was the perfect person for the role. On top of his technical skills, he’s also very personable and can communicate confidently with customers. Today, he works full-time for only $1,050 a month.


Use a voice over IP (VOIP) provider so that your remote assistants can call clients, tenants, and vendors using a local number instead of a foreign one.

Get your property a remote maintenance coordinator today

Pre-construction coordinator

A construction site

It’s pretty hard to find a reliable pre-construction coordinator, so we’re proud to have hired one for one of our clients in the industrial construction space. They needed someone who can:

  • Analyze proposal requests
  • Write proposals and customer responses
  • Make presentations
  • Create quotation requests to suppliers
  • Ensure all submissions are properly reviewed and approved

They ended up hiring Mia, a professional with 8 years of experience in proposal evaluation, data analysis, and construction management. She holds a degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering and has previously worked with clients from China, UAE, and the UK.

At only $900 a month, hiring Mia was a no-brainer for our client.

Hire a pre-construction coordinator fast

Build a strong remote team for your real estate business

In a field as competitive as real estate, you need to pull all the stops to grow your business. Stay ahead of the competition, cut back on hiring costs, and build a robust team faster by hiring remote staff from the Philippines.

FAQs about real estate virtual assistants

What does a real estate virtual assistant do?

Real estate virtual assistants can do a wide variety of tasks for you. They can help you with administrative and clerical tasks like data entry, calendar management, and appointment setting.

You can also find real estate assistants with specialized skills in fields like finance, design, marketing, and sales.

How much does a real estate virtual assistant make in the Philippines?

Real estate virtual assistants can make anywhere between $900 -$1,500 a month, full-time. Their salary will depend on factors like:

  • The level of experience needed
  • The complexity of the role
  • The scope of their responsibilities

Download our free Salary Guide to learn more

Can real estate agents use virtual assistants?

Yes, they can! Real estate agents can hire virtual assistants in the Philippines to help them with tasks like:

  • Appointment setting
  • Calendar management
  • Customer service
  • Data entry
  • Social media management
  • — and more

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