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12 Unique Roles You Can Hire Through A Headhunter Agency (Philippines)

Learn more about the unlikely remote roles you can outsource to the Philippines in this article.
Myth: you can only hire customer service reps and virtual assistant jobs from the Philippines.

That can’t be farther from the truth. You can actually hire a lot of unique roles from the Philippines — from architectural drafters and content creators to operations managers and analysts. You just have to know where to look.

After hiring more than 1,000 remote Filipino workers for our clients, we’ve encountered our fair share of interesting jobs. Here are 12 roles you didn’t probably didn’t know you could outsource:

1. Remote nutritionists

  • Who hired them? A keto meal plan provider
  • How much did it cost? $1,000 per month
  • What is their main task? Answering inquiries about keto meal plans

One of our clients provides high-quality keto products and meal plans. Since their business was growing rapidly, they needed an online keto coach to provide accurate advice to customers.

Enter: Jay, a registered nutritionist and dietician in the Philippines. As a nutrition researcher, quality officer, and NGO volunteer, Jay’s experience and skills were a perfect fit for this job. He also proved to be an excellent communicator who took initiative in his tasks.

Upon hiring, he got certified as a keto coach and is now helping our client build trust with their customers.

Need a nutritionist? Hire one today.

2. Growth marketers

  • Who hired them? A marketing agency
  • How much did it cost? $1,100 per month
  • What is their main task? Reach potential clients through content, engagement, email marketing, and other strategies

Growth marketers are responsible for creating and executing strategies that positively impact the business.

We helped an SEO agency find a growth marketer who can help them reach more customers. For them, we found Trish — a digital marketing pro with more than 3 years of experience. Trish's skills in social media management, email marketing, lead generation, and project management made her the perfect fit for this role.

At $1,100 per month, Trish helps our client :

  • Segment email audiences
  • Share articles on email and social media
  • Connect with ideal contacts for content distribution —
  • — and manage email outreach

Need someone like Trish? Let us know!

3. Paralegals

a small figurine of lady liberty sits on a lawyer's desk
  • Who hired them? A personal injury law firm
  • How much did it cost? $1,200 per month
  • What is their main task? Improve the law office’s operations, draft legal documents, and create seamless client relation processes

Paralegals help law firms accomplish day-to-day operations. In this client's case, their personal injury law firm needed someone to answer inquiries, draft medical records, and organize bill requests and legal documents.

Jordanne, a legal assistant and Juris Doctor graduate, was perfect for the job.

Aside from her excellent admin skills, Jordanne is also well-versed in personal injury law. Her experience in drafting legal documents and law research made her a great match for our client.

Today, she works full-time in the client's time zone at $1,200 a month.

Hire remote paralegal jobs with Somewhere

4. Financial analysts

  • Who hired them? A real estate development and investment firm
  • How much did it cost? $1,450 per month
  • What is their main task? Financial analysis and forecasting, underwriting, and industry reviews

Did you know that you can also outsource financial analysis and forecasting jobs to remote Filipino staff?

A lot of our real estate clients need financial analysts to help them:

  • analyze and review prospective transactions and real estate assets
  • underwrite deals
  • prepare business plans
  • create accurate business forecasts
  • review market data —
  • — and support new development activities

We matched one of our clients with Glaiza, a financial analyst with 8 years of experience in real estate financial modeling and analytics. Aside from her competency in financial forecasting, she also has a Master's degree in Business Management — making her an invaluable member of their team.

Hire a financial analyst today

5. Architectural drafters

a remote architectural drafter working on a floor plan
  • Who hired them? A licensed architect
  • How much did it cost? $1,050
  • What is their main task? Draft architectural drawings and models

Highly technical roles are also a staple here at Somewhere.

We recently helped a licensed architect find a technician to help them with the following tasks:

  • Model creation and drafting
  • Project monitoring — from the design development stage to construction documents
  • Client assessment presentations

Like many others in this list, the talent that we found for this client was a seasoned candidate with over two decades of experience. John is a licensed architect in the Philippines who has worked with a wide variety of projects like high-rise buildings, residential real estate, and commercial construction. His experience and competency proved to be a gem for this team.

It's mind blowing to think that you can get this level of talent overseas at a fraction of what it would cost locally. John works full-time for $1,050 a month.

Looking for architectural drafters? We can help.

6. Video editors

  • Who hired them? Youtube channel for finance
  • How much did it cost? $1,200 per month
  • What is their main task? Shoot and edit videos for Youtube

Aside from real estate firms and startups, we also serve content creators.

This client needed someone to help them shoot and edit videos for their finance Youtube channel.

We matched them with Gary, a seasoned pro who's worked with Youtube channels, as well as weddings, ads, and corporate videos. As part of our vetting process, we made sure that Gary knew how to manage his time well. With 9 years of video editing experience under his belt, Gary was an obvious choice for this client.

We also helped a wedding videography studio find a talented video editor for their firm. This time, we found Jean, who was an expert in editing software like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, AfterEffects, and Photoshop.

At $1,000 per month, she helps our client:

  • edit wedding films
  • add effects and transitions
  • create thumbnails —
  • — and complete other related tasks

If you need a video editor like Gary or Jean — hit us up!

7. Real estate controller

a person attaches a "sold" sticker on a property sign
  • Who hired them? A real estate development firm
  • How much did it cost? $1,350 per month
  • What is their main task? Managing the firm’s financial records

Real estate controllers are professionals with investment or finance backgrounds. They help firms manage accounts, oversee bookkeeping, and develop strategies based on the company's current financial status.

Over the past couple of years, we've found lots of talented controllers for our real estate clients. One of them is Jinky.

We matched her with a rental housing company that specializes in developing and operating affordable communities. Her experience and background as a CPA in the Philippines proved to be useful in her new role, where she's expected to create financial reports, manage books, and reconcile accounts. Today, Jinky works with the firm full-time at $1,350 a month.

Hire a controller for your real estate business today

8. Purchasing assistant

  • Who hired them? An Amazon store
  • How much did it cost? $1,350
  • What is their main task? Purchasing and supply chain management

If you're running an Amazon store, it's a must to have a purchaser on your team.

Purchasers are responsible for updating and tracking purchase lists for ecommerce stores. They also:

  • research about potential vendors
  • update spreadsheets —
  • — and monitor items.

As one of the emerging ecommerce markets in Asia Pacific, the Philippines has a wealth of talent when it comes to ecommerce. Peter was one of these folks.

Like many hires on this list, Peter has a master's degree in Business Administration and is a certified Industrial Engineer. His experience in contract and supply chain management made him a great match for this role. Today, Peter works full time for $1,350 per month.

Hire a purchasing assistant today

9. Tiktok content creator

  • Who hired them? Real estate content company
  • How much did it cost? $1,800
  • What is their main task?

The Philippines has over 40 million active users on Tiktok. If you want to produce engaging and trendy content for your business, hiring a remote Tiktok creator from the Philippines is a great move.

One of our clients, a real estate content company, found a gem in Mark. Mark is a Filipino Tiktok content creator with 125,000 followers of his own. He's a multimedia creator who has produced content for platforms like Youtube and Spotify and is a pro at various content editing tools.

At $1,800 per month, Mark helps the team grow their Tiktok presence by:

  • Developing highly engaging content
  • Responding and engaging in posts, questions, and comments
  • Coordinating with internal teams to align content branding
  • Keeping updated with social media trends

Hire a Tiktok creator today and grow your audience fast

10. Property value analyst

a beautiful tropical-inspired home with a deck and pool
  • Who hired them? A property tax consulting firm
  • How much did it cost? $1,050
  • What is their main task? Value analysis on properties

Property value analysts help firms assess the value of commercial or residential properties. In this case, our client needed someone to help them:

  • Perform value analysis on properties
  • Review and analyze information on specific properties
  • Assess how these factors affect property value
  • Work on real estate data on Google Sheets and MS Excel

We found the perfect candidate in Mea. Her time as a VA for a Canadian real estate firm gave her the expertise for the job. She knew her way around property sales and documentation, as well as the latest property appraisal trends and rates.

At $1,050 per month, Mea now works for the client full-time.

Hire a value analyst for your real estate business today

11. Operations lead

  • Who hired them? A content creation agency
  • How much did it cost? $1,300
  • What is their main task? Bridge sales, marketing, and operations teams

We’ve also hired several leadership positions for our clients. One of these leaders is Paola, who now works as operations lead for a content agency at $1,300 a month.

Our client needed a manager to oversee day-to-day operations — someone who can coordinate between teams, monitor progress, and manage resources.

Paola's project management and operations skills were perfect for the role. She was able to take ownership of resource planning, progress monitoring, and stakeholder communication.

Hire an operations lead today

12. Creative designer

  • Who hired them? A real estate content company
  • How much did it cost? $1,050/month
  • What is their main task? Create visual assets and hand-drawn illustrations

The Philippines is home to a thriving creative scene. Big movie studios and advertising firms have been outsourcing work to Filipino designers for decades. With Somewhere, businesses like you can work with the best remote creative designers from the Philippines, too.

Meet Paolo, a creative designer we hired for a content production company. At $1,050 a month, he helps our client create hand-drawn illustrations and 3D floor plans.

Paolo is not only a designer — he's also a licensed architect who has worked on projects like coffee shops, churches, and residential buildings. These technical skills, coupled with a good eye for brand and merchandise design, made him the perfect choice for this role.

Looking for a creative designer? We can help

Hire unique remote roles with Somewhere

So you see, Filipinos are not only good at answering phones and organizing your schedule. The country's talent pool is rich with professionals who:

  • have years of experience
  • are highly skilled in various fields
  • have college and post-grad degrees
  • speak great English
  • get American culture

They also cost significantly less than local counterparts. If you're struggling to fill a unique role, we're here to help out. Let us know about the roles you're looking to hire and we'll find you candidates who can enrich your team and help you grow your business.

FAQs about using a headhunter agency to hire unique remote roles

What is a headhunter agency?

A headhunter agency helps businesses find awesome team members. We take the guesswork out of the entire hiring process by scouting, screening, and vetting candidates on behalf of our clients.

Learn more about how headhunter agencies work here.

How does a headhunter agency find unique remote roles?

We use a team of professional talent scouts to find top talent in the Philippines. Here’s a quick look at Somewhere's process:

  • Our clients let us know about the roles they’re looking to fill. We usually ask for a job description at this stage.
  • Our team of talent scouts and assessors find and screen candidates based on the job description.
  • We present a shortlist of candidates to our clients. From that list, they can choose the best candidate for the job.
  • Once the client hires the candidate, we hand the relationship over to them. They can then integrate the candidate into their company.

Learn more about the advantages of working with a headhunter agency here.

Why should I hire remote staff from the Philippines?

There are a lot of good reasons why businesses choose to outsource to the Philippines. Here are some of them:

  • Filipinos can communicate well in English
  • They’re highly skilled in various remote and digital marketing jobs
  • They get American culture
  • They have a track record for producing high quality work
  • They’re resourceful and reliable
  • Working with them costs significantly less than local counterparts
How much does it cost to hire remote talents from the Philippines?

On average, hiring remote talent can cost anywhere from $800-$1500, depending on the person’s skill level, expertise, and complexity of the role. Download our free Salary Guide for more info.

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