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7 Virtual Fun Friday Activities to Try with Your Team

Think your employees’ teamwork can use a boost? Virtual fun Friday activities can make all the difference. Here are 7 ideas you can cop.
There are a lot of benefits to hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines, but bringing together a remote team can be a challenge that can significantly impact your business.

Enter: virtual fun Friday activities.

Don’t dismiss the notion of these simple activities just yet — when done right,  they can do wonders for engagement.

Here’s why you should prepare fun Friday games and activities for your team (and 7 ideas to use as inspiration):

Why team engagement is important

It boosts productivity

One major downside of remote work? It’s hard to form close bonds with colleagues.

Statistics state that 67% of employees who work from home feel disconnected from their workmates.

That’s understandable when their interactions are usually dependent on working on a common project, but things don’t—and shouldn’t—have to stay that way. Especially since disengaged employees are less productive and may produce lower quality output.

With something as simple as fun Friday games, your team can develop a better bond and work better together. It can be awkward at first for them to interact outside of meetings, but since most Filipinos value camaraderie, your team will become closer in no time.  

It increases retention

Money is undeniably important, but offering a competitive salary isn’t an assurance that your employees will stay longer. Company culture plays a big role in retention, too.

While building a fun and healthy work culture is easier when everyone is in the office, virtual fun Friday activities help you create strong bonds even when your team is halfway across the world. These activities are an excellent way for your team to get to know each other better and can give them something to look forward to every week.

Along with continuous professional development, weekly games and activities will motivate employees to stick around long-term.    

It keeps your company growing

Put productivity and loyalty together, and what do you get? A recipe for success.

When your employees are happy and engaged, you can delegate higher-level tasks to them AND hire more people to join the team.

On the other hand, your company will have a tough time gaining more clients or expanding your service offerings if you keep losing employees. Many projects will have to be put on hold while your remaining workers take on extra tasks, like onboarding new hires.

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7 fun Friday activities to do virtually

1. #weekend-plans Slack Channel

Already have a water cooler channel for your team? Consider creating a separate one just for sharing weekend plans.

For one thing, it lets your team get to know each other better. For another, it helps them feel more confident about speaking up during 1:1s or meetings—which is something that many Filipino VAs struggle with.

To encourage them to share, you can kick things off by asking what they’ll be doing or revealing your own plans. Eventually, they’ll feel comfortable enough to initiate a discussion.


2. Virtual Karaoke Night

Saying Filipinos enjoy karaoke is an understatement. It’s completely normal in the Philippines to hear people belting out songs till the wee hours of the night, even on random weekdays.

That’s why one of the fun Friday activities you should consider is virtual karaoke night. Karaoke helps your team let off some steam and is the perfect way to end a stressful week.

If you plan on joining virtual karaoke night every now and then, prepare to be blown away—most Filipinos are crazy good at singing. We bet even the quietest member of your team won’t be able to resist singing a song or two.

What you’ll need:

  • A video conferencing app of your choice
  • A list of songs and who’ll be singing them
  • YouTube, where you can search for karaoke versions of popular songs (and even some obscure ones)

How to do it:

  1. Send calendar invites and remind your team about the schedule, especially if they aren’t used to meeting in the evening.
  2. Assign a DJ for the night. Tell your team to send their songs to them.
  3. The DJ will queue the songs, share their screen, and remind the next singer when it’s their turn to sing.  
  4. For the actual singing, the DJ can put everyone but the current singer on mute, but the silence may be awkward. Another option would be to leave everyone’s mics open and allow them to cheer their workmate on. The downside is that the singer’s voice can get drowned out.  

Pro Tip

To save time, have your team send their songs to the DJ ahead through Slack or email. Encourage them to share YouTube links to make the DJ’s job easier as well.

3. Teleparty

This is a no-brainer for so many reasons.

First off, who doesn’t love movies? Filipinos sure do. They’re not a picky bunch, either. Most of them have no problem watching sappy romance flicks, cheesy comedies, or superhero blockbusters.

Plus, thanks to technology like Teleparty, it’s never been easier to watch something on Netflix at the exact same time as folks a million miles away.

Another neat Teleparty feature is its chat box. Your team can share their unfiltered reactions as the movie goes on, which can be quite hilarious if they’re watching horror movies.


What you’ll need:

  • Movie choices
  • A laptop or PC
  • A Netflix subscription
  • A Teleparty extension

How to do it:

  1. Make a poll with movie options and ask your team to pick the one(s) they want to see.
  2. Once everyone has voted, find the movie on Netflix. Then, click on the Teleparty icon on your browser and hit the Start the party button.
  3. Copy the Teleparty link and share it with your team.
  4. After clicking on the invite link, tell them to hit the Teleparty icon to join the watch party. (Make sure they’ve already downloaded the extension.)
  5. Wait for everyone to join, then play the movie.
  6. Enjoy watching!
  7. Repeat steps 2-6 for the next movie.

Pro Tip

Switch on the “Only I have control” setting to prevent anyone from accidentally skipping to a later scene.

What if some members don’t have a Netflix subscription?

Easy, you can ask one member with a subscription to share their screen on Discord or Google Meet. Let members with no subscription go to the meeting room and voila—everyone can watch.


If you want to put your team’s creativity and thinking caps to the test, go for a few rounds of This is basically like Pictionary, only it’s done online and is much more challenging (in a good way).

Number of players:

  • 2 - 12

What you’ll need:

How to play:

  1. Go to  
  2. Enter your name and design your avatar.
  3. Click on Create Private Room.
  4. Customize the settings. You can pick the number of rounds, draw time, language, and even add custom words.
  5. Send your team the invite link (it’s right below the settings).
  6. Wait for everyone to enter their names and create their avatars.
  7. Start the game!
  8. Each person will choose from 3 words, and draw the word for the rest to figure out. Everyone who guesses right gets points, but they score higher the earlier they guess it.

Pro Tip

Have your team go on Zoom, Google Meet, or Discord while playing the game. Your Filipino team can be a very competitive bunch, so their reactions will be really fun to hear.

5. Gartic Phone

Gartic Phone is like — on steroids. Besides allowing more players to join, it also has different games to keep your team occupied.

The basic game works by having player one write a sentence and then having player two draw it. The next person will have to guess the sentence based on that drawing while the player after draws the third player’s interpretation of the sentence, and so on.

We’ll leave you to explore the rest of the games on your own, but each one is guaranteed to generate A LOT of belly laughs and fond memories. You can also witness Filipinos’ unique brand of humor should you decide to sit in for a game.

Number of players:

  • 4 - 30

What you’ll need:

  • A smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC
  • Your video conferencing app of choice

How to play:

  1. Go to the official Gartic Phone website.
  2. Make a creative username, then hit the Start button.
  3. Customize your settings.
  4. Pick your game mode.
  5. Send the invite link.
  6. Have fun!

Like, this doesn’t actually require your team to meet on Zoom or whatnot. But we definitely recommend it for maximum entertainment.


6. Virtual Team Lunch

This activity is much chiller than most of the fun Friday activities on this list, but it’s just as good for team morale.

It’s also a nice change of pace and can promote organic conversations. It's easy to organize, too. Just decide when to meet, send calendar invites, and let the team gather via video call. (It’s up to you to determine whether they should all be on cam or at least unmuted.)

As for the food itself, you have two options. One, you can either have your team pick and order their individual meals. Or two, you have a theme and assign some members to order for everyone. You can have a new group in charge every team lunch.  

Whatever option you go for, the best practice is to cover the meal. Your Filipino team will appreciate it!  

7. Spyfall

In the game Spyfall, there’s a person who isn’t who they say they are, aka the Spy. The goal is to discover who that person is, or in the case of the Spy, to successfully go undetected.

Sounds familiar? Well, that’s because the game is pretty similar to the hit game Among Us.

The main difference between the two is that Spyfall requires more communication and creativity from your team—making it one of the best ideas for fun Friday.

Number of players:

  • 4 - 12

What you’ll need:

  • A smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC
  • A Zoom/Google Meet link or a Discord server

How to play:

  1. Head over to the Spyfall website.  
  2. Click on the Host New Game button and enter your detective name.
  3. Copy the invite code and share it with the team.
  4. Discuss the rules of the game.
  5. Discover who the Spy is—or guess the wrong person.

End the work week on a high note

All work and no play does not a successful company make.

If you want your remote team to be happy campers, virtual fun Friday activities are the way to go. Every activity we mentioned above will help them feel more at home with one another, increase their productivity, and give them the motivation to stay.

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