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Hiring a Content Writer: Everything You Need to Know

This is a guide on how to hire the perfect content writer for your business. Learn more here.
You’ve heard it time and again: content is king. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. It’s your golden ticket to building traffic, authority, and community.

But let’s be honest, you don’t have the time — or the expertise — to whip up a 2,000-word blog post or write a whole case study by yourself.

What you need to do is hire someone who does. Someone who knows how to wield words with ease. Someone who can turn your ideas into valuable content. You need to hire a content writer.

Here's how:

What do content writers do?

First things first— let’s define what a content writer does.

Content writers help you produce valuable written content for your business. Unlike copywriters who specialize in persuading people to take action, content writers focus on educating and informing your audience.

They combine storytelling, content marketing, and journalism to produce a wide range of content like:

  • Optimized blog posts
  • In-depth articles
  • Lead magnets, guides, and other downloadable content
  • Ebooks
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Course materials
  • Social media posts —
  • — and infographics

But their tasks don’t stop there. Aside from actually writing, content writers are also responsible for a lot of things behind the scenes. Here are some of their tasks:

In-depth topic research

Content writers are excellent researchers. Think of them as a cross between a marketer and a journalist — they combine digital marketing skills with solid writing chops.

To create an article, they scour the internet for valuable information. They thoroughly read about unfamiliar topics, chase down relevant stats, and hang out at forums. Then, they spend hours distilling all that information into one cohesive piece.

Interviewing subject-matter experts

Aside from researching on good ol’ Google, a content writer also takes the time to interview experts.

They know that anecdotes, real-life experiences, and helpful advice add more value to an article. To enrich their work, they reach out to relevant people, ask insightful questions, and conduct surveys.

Formatting articles for readability

In large organizations, a content manager is responsible for scheduling articles on your website. But if you’re a small business, a full-time content writer can do this task for you.

Aside from simply uploading and scheduling an article, content writers make sure that your content is formatted for readability. They break down huge chunks of text using elements like:

  • Headings
  • Bullet points
  • Pull-quotes
  • Graphics
  • Photos
  • Videos —
  • — and GIFs

Content writers not only make sure that you’re producing awesome content — they make it look awesome, too.

On-page optimization

SEO and content marketing will always come hand in hand, especially if you’re producing blog content. A good content writer knows how to apply basic SEO principles. They write for people first, but they also make sure that the articles are optimized for search engines.

This includes:

  • Naturally adding keywords into the article
  • Adding meta descriptions and alt-text
  • Sourcing images for articles
  • Using the appropriate header tags —
  • — and adding internal and external links

Pitching topics and repurposing content

A proactive content writer will pitch topics to add to your content calendar. They’ll come up with ideas that benefit your audience and enrich your content library.

They can also turn other types of content like podcasts, video tutorials, and webinars into in-depth articles and social media posts. Lastly, they can refresh old blog posts by adding new data, insights, and updates.

Who needs to hire content writers?

Content writers are essential to any business that wants to leverage content marketing to hit its business goals. They’re especially useful if you want to:

  • Build a blog to establish your expertise
  • Educate customers about your products and services
  • Develop case studies as social proof
  • Repurpose and refresh old posts
  • Grow your email list by creating lead magnets
  • Develop course materials
  • Build an in-house content team
  • Improve your social media presence

Sounds like you? Tell us about your ideal content writer today and we’ll help you find them.

What are the benefits of hiring content writers?

A content writer works on an outline on her notebook. On the table are an open Macbook and a vase of flowers

Aside from helping you achieve your content marketing goals, hiring an excellent content writer can also have a positive impact on your overall business growth. Here’s what’s in it for you:

You’ll save a lot of money

Content writers help you cut back on advertising costs by creating search-optimized content. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on ads to funnel customers to your site, your content writer can organically attract traffic through SEO articles instead.

You can also save as much as 80% in labor costs when you hire a content writer from the Philippines. They’re excellent folks who can write native-level English and deliver high-quality work at a significantly lower rate than local counterparts.

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You’ll get more qualified leads

A good writer can help you create content that attracts inbound leads.

Unlike outbound prospects, inbound leads are already interested in your business. They view your product or service as a solution to an existing problem, so they’re more likely to convert. A steady stream of inbound leads can improve revenue and even retention.

Aside from attracting leads, a  content writer can also help you grow your email list by creating lead magnets like PDF guides, whitepapers, and ebooks. With their help, you’re not just attracting high-quality leads, you’ll be able to nurture them, too.

You’ll buy back your time

Writing good content takes time. A basic 1500-word article, for example, can take several hours to complete. If you want to leverage content marketing but don’t have time, delegate this task to an experienced content writer instead.

They can do a better job — plus you’ll be able to focus on tasks that require your specific expertise. By hiring a content writer, you’ll finally be able to turn your ideas into valuable assets without sacrificing your time.

You’ll reap the rewards of good content for years

Content marketing is all about playing the long game. For example, a well-ranking article can bring in traffic months after you hit publish. A useful lead magnet can do the same by attracting email subscribers while you sleep.

Hiring a competent content writer is the first step in executing your content marketing strategy. With their help, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of content marketing for years to come.

Content writer job description

A remote content writer works on a piece

Excited to hire a content writer? Let’s talk about the qualities and skills you need to look for in one. Here’s what we’ve got:

  • Strong English writing skills - Beyond having perfect spelling and grammar, the ideal writer should be able to wield words with confidence and ease. Do they have to be a “native speaker”? Not necessarily. You’ll be surprised at how many Filipino writers have native-level English skills!
  • Must be able to convey complex ideas simply - A good content writer writes to be understood, not to impress. They don't need to use big, complicated words to convey ideas. Instead, they’re capable of breaking down difficult concepts into something that’s easy to understand.

  • An affinity for topic and audience research - Hire a writer who loves researching. They must have a knack for tracking down data points, fact-checking, interviewing sources, and gathering insights.
  • Versatility - The ideal content writer must be able to adapt to your brand’s voice. They should know how to change their tone according to the brand’s guidelines. The ability to produce different content formats is a huge plus, too.
  • Familiarity with SEO principles - A working knowledge of SEO is essential to creating articles that rank well. Hire a writer who knows how to apply these best practices in their work.
  • An eye for readability - Look for a content writer who’s got an eye for readability. They should know how to upload visually appealing content to your website. Familiarity with basic UI/X elements is also an advantage.
  • Time management - The ideal content writer should be able to submit exceptional work within the set deadline. They should be self-starters who know how to manage their time and tasks well.
  • Communication skills - Find a content writer who knows how to express their ideas clearly. They should be able to collaborate with different team members and pitch ideas like pros.
  • Receptive to feedback - Great articles are produced through constructive feedback. The ideal content writer should be receptive to critique. They should be able to apply revisions when needed and proactively seek to improve their work.

How to hire a content specialist using Somewhere

The competition to find good content writers is tough — but Somewhere makes it easy for you. As a headhunter agency for remote staff, we help clients find the best content writers without them having to jump through hoops.

Here’s what happens when you work with us:

What to expect when you work with Somewhere

Step 1: Let us know about the position you’re hiring for

Fill out this form and let us know about your ideal content writer. We recommend preparing a job description beforehand, so feel free to use the section above as a guide!

Step 2: We’ll kick off a search

We’ll hop on a call to iron out the details. Then we’ll pair you up with a project manager who will be your point of contact during the entire process.

Our talent scouts and assessors will commence a search for the best content writer for your business. To make sure they meet your requirements and preferences, each candidate will undergo a thorough screening process.

Step 3: Choose from the best

After screening and assessment, we’ll give you a shortlist of the best candidates. You can review their profiles and schedule an interview to get to know them better.

Step 4: Start producing great content

After you pick the best content writer for your biz, we’ll hand the relationship off to you and you can start onboarding them into your team. That’s it!

When you use our service, you don’t need to post on random job boards or spend hours reviewing resumes. All you need to do is let us know about the person you wanna hire, show up for the interviews, select the best one, and then hire them.  It’s that simple.

Content writer salary: how much should you pay?

According to Indeed and Talent, the average content writer salary in the US is somewhere around $4,100 - $4,500 a month. That’s around fifty grand a year.

Hiring a Filipino content writer costs significantly less. Depending on the scope of their tasks and experience, you can hire one for only $900-$1100 a month, full-time.

You’ll save as much as $40,800 a year in hiring costs. You can use these savings to invest back in your business or to hire more writers and grow faster.

Learn more: Remote work salary guide for employers

Ready to hire a content writer?

Content marketing is a lot like real estate: the best time to start doing it was yesterday. The second-best time to do it? It’s now.

By hiring a good content writer, you’ll be able to leverage your time while attracting leads, growing your audience, and building content assets that will keep on providing value for years to come. Hire a content writer with Somewhere and start reaping those benefits today.

FAQs about hiring a content writer

When should I hire a content writer?

You should hire a content writer if you want to grow your business through content marketing. Hiring one also makes sense if you want to achieve the following goals:

  • Improve organic traffic
  • Cut back on ad costs
  • Increase inbound leads and email signups
  • Educate your customers about your products and services
How much is a content writer?

Hiring a content writer from the Philippines costs around $900-$1100 a month, full-time. This is significantly less than local counterparts. Is hiring Filipino remote staff worth it? Find out here.

What does a content writer actually do?

A content writer is responsible for creating content that informs and educates. They produce assets like blog posts, extensive guides, lead magnets, case studies, infographic content, and the like. They also conduct in-depth research, apply SEO principles, pitch articles, and repurpose existing content.

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