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We've created a list of questions to help you in creating a Visual CV.

It's our experience that people don't know how to talk well enough about what they do, and yet we've learned that by provoking people they share real insights.

Our Visual CV builder is a simple starting point to help you share your work.
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Answering a question on Somewhere will lead you through creating a Spark.

These are key to your profile on Somewhere, they're small pieces of content which show something you've achieved.

Sparks work best when you share an image from your work life, like your desk, or a page from your notebook.
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Once you've answered a few Provocations, you'll have a great looking profile on Somewhere.

But you don't have to stop there - we have a community of people and companies for you to explore, plus many more Provocations to help you share you work.

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