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Your teams are full of talented people whose daily work powers your organisation. Imagine if you could tap into that energy and see how their work is propelling your company forward. Now you can.

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Somewhere helps companies engage their employees, hire and screen new recruits, and establish an authentic, employee-led employer brand.

Best of all, you can keep it simple and start creating your Culture Graph today.

The Culture Graph

Our new product to help organisations transparently engage their employees, initiate discussions and see the changes in their company culture.

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Every company with a profile on Somewhere can start to attract the right talent for free. Company profiles on Somewhere are a collaboration between you and your teams, giving you authentic employee-led employer branding. What's more, organisations can use Somewhere to engage with their employees in private too.

Attract the right talent

Attract The Right Talent


Start answering Provocations and our Cultural Graph will put you and your company on the radar of people who think about work in the same way that you do.

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Employee-led employer branding

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With your whole team on Somewhere you can create a collaborative company profile which shows people just why they'd want to join you.

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Engage your employees

Engage Your Employees


Take the human approach, seek out your employees opinions and show an interest in what they do without resorting to questionnaires or tests.

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Just want to get your company on Somewhere? Signup today, invite your colleagues, engage your employees and create your employee-led employer brand.

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What others are saying

Winner of the Boost award at The Next Web conference in Amsterdam, 2015.


“I want to see how someone works, what side projects they work on and what super powers they have.”


“Pinterest For Business? Somewhere Is A New Visual Platform To Share Your Work.”


“Somewhere is LinkedIn for the new way to work. I think this could be the start of something.”


“Somewhere is emblematic of the changing nature of the workplace.”


“The new world of work deserves a new way of showcasing your talents.”


Use Cases

Macktez on Somewhere


Macktez use Somewhere to share their work and be seen by our community of professionals.

Stylight on Somewhere


Stylight use Somewhere as a social media channel to show what they're working on.

MEC Global on Somewhere

MEC Global

MEC Global use a private version of Somewhere to engage and inspire their employees.

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