Good Advice

What's the best advice you've heard recently? What's an advice you'd like to pass on?

107 Sparks, 110 Contributors


Presentation Tricks

Speaking in front of an audience can be challenging. Some of us have already figured out their tricks. What are your tips? How do you prepare to give a killer presentation?

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The Leader Within

Are you a leader? Maybe you're at the cusp of becoming one. See how members of the community see and apply leadership.

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Advice for Your 20s

Are you in your 20s? Exciting times! It's also time for some perspective from people who have survived this period and have wisdom to spare.

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Best StartUp Advice

Entrepreneurs are great role models. Which entrepreneur do you consider a great source of inspiration? What's the best advice or quote you've heard?

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Human to Human 101

Do you find it hard to communicate? Collaborate? Empathize with other people? Emotional intelligence is very important in today's climate, and it's best if you start working on yours today.

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What Is Success

Success means something else to every single one of us. What is success to you?

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Do It Your Way

Even the best-intentioned advice might not be the best advice for you. Have you ever decided to do something against everyone's advice and got it right? Share your story.

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Business Cards

A collection of Somewhere community member business cards and cards that they have found inspiring. What makes a good business card? Why do you have them? Or why might you think they are outdated?

70 Sparks, 76 Contributors


Desks of the World

Your desk is where your ideas become reality. What makes it typically yours? Is it artistically messy or do you prefer everything to be in rectangular order?

225 Sparks, 251 Contributors


Insights from the Blogosphere

Personal blogs are where strong opinions meet insightful reflections. They give us power and a stage to share what we think. So, what's your blog URL?

237 Sparks, 222 Contributors


Kicking Off The Day

What is it that makes you start up your engines in the morning. Coffee? Yoga? Your favourite newspaper or newsfeed? What's your morning ritual to get rolling every day?

115 Sparks, 123 Contributors


Scribbles, Sketches & Notes

How do you keep track of your ideas and thoughts? Do you scribble, sketch or take copious notes? Peek into these notebooks and inspire others by sharing a typical page from yours.

158 Sparks, 161 Contributors


The Creative Process

Everyone approaches work differently. What's your creative process?

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Startup Swag

Show us your goodie bag! If you don't have one, what are you waiting for? Your amazing customers are waiting for you to make them smile. :)

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Adventures in Publishing

Have you published a book? Want to publish one? Or do you want to become a publisher? Whatever you need, the answer is in this collection.

27 Sparks, 26 Contributors


Product Management

Are you looking to get into product management? Well, here are the basics, brought to you by product managers on Somewhere.

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World of Design

Great design is hard to come by. See how our members do it and learn how to do it better.

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Inside Marketing

Interested in #marketing? We've gathered a few Sparks from people with marketing skills that give you an insight into what they think about in their daily work.

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The Artist's Way

This is for the artist in you: the one who likes to play with colors, draw up worlds, and connect to other creative souls on Somewhere.

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Web Development

Everyone's a developer or a developer wannabe these days! Do you want to get serious about it? These people did.

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A Writer's Life

Curious about the world of work as a #writer? We have scoured all of Somewhere and in this Collection are highlighting some of the best insights from our community.

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Social Good

A collection of people who do good - from volunteering to social entrepreneurship and charity, you will feel good as soon as you open it.

36 Sparks, 36 Contributors



Office Pets

As the saying goes, office animals help reduce stress and increase productivity. Does your company also have a hairy friend that makes your days at work more enjoyable?

108 Sparks, 119 Contributors


Revisiting the Past

Do you miss the old days? The closer the future gets, the more we find ourselves looking back. So let's look back together and enjoy.

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Cool Apps

Smartphones became indispensable to us. We simply cannot do without. What are your most favourite apps that help you at work and why?

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Post-it Madness

When overwhelmed by tons of brilliant ideas, it always seems just like the right time for post-its! Sounds familiar? Share a spark and show your use of colourful sticky-notes!

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Future of work



Variety means a better team, open culture, and richer company, so start working on promoting diversity in your company. You can do it!

12 Sparks, 12 Contributors


Challenges of the Modern Worker

Work is changing fast. You're doing your best to acclimate and catch up. But there are always some challenges, and here's how to deal with them.

24 Sparks, 23 Contributors


Digital Nomadism

Are you working remotely? Do you want to travel and work from exotic places? This new trend is probably for you.

20 Sparks, 17 Contributors



Inspiring Books

Books are a great source of inspiration. Most of us can probably name a title that changed the way they work. Which book influenced you and how you think and work?

358 Sparks, 343 Contributors


Inspiring People

Who do you consider inspiring? Who are the people you look up to?

133 Sparks, 137 Contributors


Driving Forces

What drives you to do what you do? What's your passion and motivation? Explore some of the driving forces behind people's amazing work and share your own.

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Quotes to Live (And Work) By

We have a thing about quotes. They hold the wisdom of the ages. So let's see some of the quotes our members live and work by.

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